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Thursday, January 27, 2005

That Damned F-Word!!

RAW Story reports new evidence of voter fraud in Ohio on the part of Republican election officials ...

Jeanine Tater, a California resident who volunteered to observe in Ohio on behalf of the Democratic Party, stated in her affidavit “a Kerry witness named Steve [Spraley], discovered white oval shaped stickers on some of the ballots during the 3 percent hand count. I personally observed these stickers during the machine recount.”

The same stickers were also placed on the machines, the witnesses said. “I saw more of these stickers on both the front and back of the ballots,” Gifford asserted. He says he asked Republican election chief Bare “if he knew where they came from and he paused and said, ‘I am not aware of them.’”

The volunteers asked if they could take pictures of the stickers, but Bare would not allow them. One witness, however, used a small camera to quickly take footage of the tabulation machines in an attempt to document the stickers. The footage, which is blurry, is now being examined by experts.

During the meeting, according to Gifford, Drake, Spraley and other witnesses, the stickered ballots were counted for Bush/Cheney, even though the Kerry/Edwards oval was clearly marked underneath.

Several Clermont Board of Election employees, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed that there were stickers placed on both the tabulators and the ballots. The same employees said that the stickers did cover the oval next to Kerry/Edwards.

Bare was unwilling to discuss the sticker allegations. “We will end this conversation,” he said. “All of that information has been fully discussed in a public meeting with witnesses present.” Bare refers to a Dec. 16, 2004 Clermont Board of Elections public certification, where the volunteers, represented by attorney Carolyn Betts (who prepared
her own affidavit), presented the Board with a formal list of issues they wanted addressed.

formal list, acquired by RAW STORY, is signed by Drake and two other volunteers, Tina Harald the county recount coordinator and Cindy Asrir, the Green Party Regional Coordinator. During that meeting, Bare said “with a Republican and Democrat both present, they labeled the damaged ballot “original” and created a new ballot with the same markings, labeling it “duplicate” and then had the Republican and Democrat sign each ballot.” According to Betts and confirmed by other volunteers present. The stickers were there to allegedly mark “spoiled” ballots.

Bare, when asked by this reporter about about the disparities between his alleged Dec. 14 statement and his public Dec. 16 statement, promptly hung up.

From now on, I urge every American that is concerned with the flagrant fraud that took place in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004 to fix this matter themselves in 2008 by simply showing up at their voting precincts FULLY ARMED. If anyone gets in your way, I've got two words for you: OPEN FIRE! When ballots don't count, bullets will.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Base Is Pissed!!

Just days after Dubya's swearing-in ceremony, we now find out -- courtesy of The NY Times -- that his riding the Social Security Reform stump has got the Fundamentalist Christian base of the Republican party ticked off to high heaven (pun intended ... and how the hell do you like that, eh?!):

In a confidential letter to Karl Rove, Mr. Bush's top political adviser, the group said it was disappointed with the White House's decision to put Social Security and other economic issues ahead of its paramount interest: opposition to same-sex marriage ... The members of the coalition that wrote the letter are some of Mr. Bush's most influential conservative Christian supporters, and include Dr. James C. Dobsonof Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, the Southern Baptist Convention, the American Family Association, Jerry Falwell and Paul Weyrich.

This is just proof positive as to why I don't set foot in a church any more. These sorry excuses for Christians would rather help sell people like my mother (whose Social Security just covers her monthly rent) up the river just to keep oppressing and persecuting homosexuals. What a rotten shower of useless, false Christian, bastards these people are.

However they do have ONE point that I'll grant them (but not for the same reason) and that point is Fundamentalist Christianity loves to argue that allowing gay marriages would turn American into a modern day "Sodom". They're right because - just like Sodom before us - we've spent years upon years of neglecting our young and elderly, the terminally ill, we're generally crude and evil towards certain groups of people, we lack common courtesy & hospitality towards strangers, developed a penchant for protecting thieves and crooks at the expensive of others (Jeremiah 23:14, Ezekeiel 16:49-50, Matthew 10:14-15, Luke 10:7-16) and - as a result - God may very well be pretty damned close to viewing us as ungodly, lawless, and unprincipaled (2 Peter 6-8) on the same exact level as "the mob" of Sodom. Also, all of these sins of ours has taken place long before "same-sex marriages" have entered the socio-political landscape -- just like back then with Sodom! In fact, none of the above Scriptual quotations mention "homosexuality" at all therefore - much to the Christian Right's chagrin - it simply can't be the defacto reason for Sodom's destruction.

So, maybe - just maybe - the whole homosexual thing in Genesis 19:5 (the passage Fundy Christians use to demonize gays) was the ol "icing on the cake" sin, you know? When the mob said, "Hey! Let's all pork Lot's angel's in the bunghole!", God's tolerance for these fruitcakes finally ran out and - in his best Bruce Campbell impression - God shouted, "Oooh, no you don't, you primitive screwheads! No fuckin' my angels, understand? Yo, cyclops - I'm talking here - NO PORK-O ANGELS-O!! Got it? You didn't? Well, suck on this ..."

And it came to pass on that day the town of Sodom went KABOOM!


Sunday, January 23, 2005

An Icon Hath Fallen

1925-2005 Posted by Hello

Johnny Carson was simply American culture personified.

God bless him ...


Excess of Largesse

Score another bullseye for Kate Randall:

Washington, D.C., officials are reportedly upset that the federal government has told them to use grants from the Department of Homeland Security to pay costs connected with the inaugural. Much of these funds will be used for an unprecedented level of security measures to be used against demonstrators coming to the inaugural to protest Bush administration policies. [See “Massive police presence for Bush inauguration”] It is estimated that this “celebration of democracy” in the nation’s capital will cost the cash-strapped District of Columbia about $17.3 million in overtime and other costs.

Washington is one of the most economically polarized urban areas in the US. Within a stone’s throw of the inaugural festivities, many city residents live in destitution: in the decade from 1990 to 2000, the number of District residents living in extreme poverty more than tripled, rising from 20,600 in 1990 to 66,000 in 2000.

Translation: "Hi, I'm George W. Bush and I'll gladly take it up the ass for those whom are willing to donate out the ass! Say what? I can't serve God and Mammon, you say? Well, drat - that's not in my Bible!"


Delusions of Grandeur

On the subject of Bush's 2nd inauguration, Barry Gray & David North have hit a smoking homerun:

Those who take as given another four years of Bush should consider the fate of the second Nixon administration. Nixon was likewise reelected in the midst of an unpopular war, on the basis of an appeal to backward and confused popular sentiments. If anything, his position at the time of his 1973 inauguration was more secure than that of Bush. Nixon was reelected with a landslide majority in both popular and Electoral College votes. More fundamentally, the underlying crisis of American capitalism—the US was still the world’s largest creditor nation—was far less advanced 32 years ago than today. Yet in less than two years, Nixon was driven out of office, under conditions of a massive eruption of anti-war protest and social battles by the working class.

A new mass movement of social struggle and political opposition will emerge out of the bloody wreckage of US military adventures abroad and the unprecedented assault on living conditions and democratic rights at home. The conditions that produced, two years ago next month, the largest international demonstrations against war in world history, have not disappeared. They have intensified. No one can credibly claim that there is mass support for Bush’s policies of war and social reaction. The fate of this administration is not yet decided. It will be determined by the political character of the popular movement that emerges against it.


What else can I say but "AMEN!"

Afterall, I live in a country where Hollywood's liberal elite is willing to spend over $200 million dollars on making a "Tsunami" movie while the initial response by their counterparts on the other side of the political fence was the offering of a paltry $15 Million towards the REAL thing ...


Monday, January 17, 2005

Warning: Danger Ahead

First off, let me start this off with a single word: Nope.

That' right - you won't hear me ranting and raving that the Social Security mess currently being bleated by Bush's cronies was started by Republicans. Why? Because it wasn't. At least, not initially. Granted, perhaps you can blame them for continuing to fuck it up over the past 20 years, yes. But if one were to do that, you'd also have to turn around and blame the Democrats, too ... because they didn't slap the shit out of the Republicans once in those 20 years in an effort to stop it. Afterall, I firmly believe in the idea of 9/10ths of the law equals accessory therefore Democrats are as guilty as the Republicans are (Hey, you can't raise an arm for a slap when you lack a spine, eh?).

Nope, Republicans didnt CAUSE the Social Security mess and I believe that when you've got a problem ... you attack the sumbitch at its ROOTS. Just like de-weeding a garden! So, where's the root of the problem of Social Security? It started in the 1980s, when some dickhead ... some genetic defective shit-for-brains in a cheap suit came up with .................... A PLAN!!! And -- let's be serious -- you know when a politican is going to fuck up when they say those two magic words, okay. Why? Because nothing EVER goes as planned ... just like the title of Styx song of that very same decade! We ordinary people make plans all the time and 99% of them fuckin' fail miserably, don't they? Right! So why do we still make 'em?!? At those failure rates, doesn't it make sense to ... well .... outlaw planning whatsoever?

That's what we should do -- make planning a capital crime!!

Anyway, some dipshit came up a with plan. Who was that person? Somebody that Billmon accutately nicknames "Two-Face" just like in Batman -- ALAN GREENSPAN!! Here's how it happened: Back in the 1980s as co-chair of the Social Security Commissino, Greenspan hit up Marion Barry for a rock of crack, smoked it, and - through the buzz - he dreamed up an idea that the entire Social Security system be shored up by a sharp increase in payroll taxes (paid primarily by the working poor and the middle class) that should've generated large budget surpluses capable of floating the program through looming demographic changes. Unfortunately, he was too stoned to realize at the time that our nation's steel, agricultural, and automotive industies were going KER-PLUNK!! thanks to Reagan. As a result, there wasn't enough working poor or middle class for his idea to tread water since they'd lost their jobs. Those people went from the pay-roll lines ... to the welfare lines!

He fucked it up! He started it!

The response of this plan by the two political parties?

It was the same -- just different emotion.



Now, fast forward to the mid-1990s and - once again - we've come across another dipshit who has A PLAN to "fix" Social Security. That dipshit was then President Clinton, whom milked his plan by tying it adroitly with the massive budget surplus. Democrats blew their testicles over the idea and Republicans blew their lids.

Today, in another effort to save Social Security from an impending crisis, The Bush Administration is pushing to put the system through the wringers of Wall Street using private accounts. As politics as usual, Democrats are now blowing their lids and the Republicans are blowing a nut over it. The idea sounds good in theory but won't work.


Easy -- Republicans only come running to "help" when there's enough coins rattling in your Folger's coffee can. Seriously, you take $200 in nickles and put it in a coffee can, stand out on your porch and rattle the sumbitch. You might catch the attention of a few animals and possible a Democrat or two. However, if you were to put $200,000 or more into the same coffee can, once you rattle it, you'll have just about everyone from the GOP all the way to every single employee of the Heritage Foundation right there on your front fucking lawn with their hands out. In other words, whenever the Goverment is sitting on a cashcow, Republicans come up with a "plan" to syphon as much as they can from it while bullshitting the masses with a plan that -- on the surface -- sounds about as inviting and risk-free as a those "Win $1,000,000" spam-scams we all get in our E-mail. Seriously, isn't it awfully strange that when Republicans are the minority, they belittle Social Security by lumping it in the same category as "welfare" but as soon as they hold the majority, they turn a complete 180 saying that the Social Security system is "great for seniors" yet it is something that is suddenly "in a crisis" that needs to be "saved" ...

Don't fall for it.

We been there.
Done that.
We should've wiped our asses with Greenspans tie when we had the chance.

Critics within both camps (including Dubya's brigade) are saying that there is no short term crisis with Social Security and fear even talking about it is akin to political suicide. Personally, I'm going with the CBO's report that the system is fully solvent up until 2047, giving us plenty of time to look at a score of options before we commit to some spur-of-the-moment coooked up plan. To me, I think we'd better save Social Security by simply overhauling our tax system alltogether. Instead of a tax system that lives or dies via the payroll method, we should ixnay the entire IRS by simply moving to a tax system that's based on consumption just like the ideas outlined at http://www.fairtax.org


Sunday, January 16, 2005

Garbage Ahoy!!!

After going through a year's worth of headlines, Op-Eds, and articles, the following is a list of so-called reporters & journalists that ... well, quite simply need to be FIRED. You know? Pink-slipped, shit-canned, sent packing, or (if you prefer the "Patriotically Correct" term) outsourced. Hell, I'll go one step further and suggest that after they're terminated, neither of them shall be allowed to hold any position of employment whatsoever (including "City Dog-catcher") without submitting themselves to a full labotomy.

The first among these are the entire Editoral board of the L.A. Times, columnist Tom Teepen, and Right-wing cheerleader Bill Kristol. Why? Because my 7th Grade math level trumps theirs for these three sources claimed that George W. Bush's re-election was a "unquestionable mandate" even though Ol' Shrub only escaped total defeat by a mere 1%. Tell me, what specific brand of scientific calculator did these college-educated fruitcakes use to come up with the notion that 51% is an appropriate enough figure to use the phrase "unquestional mandate"? Since when did Enron make calculators?!? Solly, Cholly, but where I come from, 51% means that you were nothing more than a Big Mac sitting in the parking lot about to be picked apart by a shitload of seagulls if it weren't for Diebold the stray Rottwieler whom suddenly appeared to chase them away from your sesame-seeded ass!

Another one is CBS News's Dan Rather who made this ridiculous comment:

"Look, when a president of the United States, any president, Republican or Democrat, says these are the facts, there is heavy prejudice, including my own, to give him the benefit of any doubt, and for that I do not apologize."

Any network willing to employ a news journalist that'll give any President a pass on lying his ass off -- whether it be about seman stains on a dress or WMDs in Iraq -- simply deserves to be in last place and the journalist deserves every ounce of professional ill will and harm. Don't look to your fellow Democrats to bail your ass out, Dan. In their eyes, you're as poison to them as Newt Gingrich is to the GOP. Perhaps you and Micheal Moore can start a network together? I got a perfect name for it: "DECEPTION NATION!"

How about Judy Miller of the New York Times (or "The New Pravda" as the great blogging bartender Billmon coins them) who spewed the following vomit:

"My job isn't to assess the government's information and be an independent intelligence agency myself. My job is to tell readers ... what the government thought about Iraq's arsenal."

Oh, that'll make the subscriber's happy! And while you're at it, Judy, why don't you explain to them the big difference between street-hookers spreading their legs for paying "Johns" and your spreading yours for "George", hmm?!? Better hurry -- those subscribers might just be a nice guy like me and cancel their fucking subscriptions long before you get a chance to jump on the opportunity ...

And to think that once upon a time, journalists used to love seperating the shit from the Shinola.


Modem ... Intar-Web .... RANT!

Hi kiddies!! I'm "PsychoSy" and I'm back in rare form but this time, it's in blog format. Some of you will remember me (and my lunacy) from either my contributions to the Political & Religious forums at NvNews.Net, EliteBastards, and Beyond3D. Others however may be "old-schoolers" who'll recall my material from as far back as Brinta and ISCA BBS and the original TBT website hosted on Fyremoon. Fyre has been really good to me (and still is) but producing both a text and MP3 version of my material was a lot of work and I entered a long spell of complete burnout as a result. Also, it was time for TBT (and it's many incarnations) to evolve; to move forward. The original TBT didn't have any means for readers to give or post feedback. Blogs are a different beast entirely, therefore, TBT is now in blog format!!

As for new-comers that don't know who I am and what I'm about, allow me to introduce myself by saying what this blog is and what it isn't. TBB is my own sandbox where the material is simular to that of many famous comedians such as George Carlin, Dennis Miller, and Denis Leary, and if you know how explicit and dirty they can be, then you know what to expect here: explicit language, adult themes, etc. What can I say? I'm a loose cannon! But with that said, if any reader becomes offended by the material, I've got a simple policy -- Your PC, Your browser, Your mouse, Your click ... Your problem! You may then excercise your freedom of choice and not come back or feel free to hammer on me using the "Comment" link.

If you are under the age of 18, you probably shouldn't be here unless your folks say it's cool. If you know your parents would fullblown Purtian hissy-fit if they found out you came here to read some middle-aged, caucasion, bald-fuck toss swear words around as if they were a bunch of drunken dwarves at a biker rally, then you should just click your back button right now! However, if you are under 18 ... and you continue to read me piss, moan, and complain ... then your parents or legal guardians can't hold me or Blogspot responsible because neither of us can control what you do over there on your end of the World Wide Waste Of Time.

Once again -- Your PC, Your Click, Your Problem!

I'm not your baby-sitter.

What you'll read here are my own takes on Religion, Politics, and Social issues along with my views on current events as they happen. Some of you reading right now are probably wondering what's the nature of the beast so let me come right out and tell you: I'm a financially Conservative, Socially Liberal, Non-Fundamentalist Christian that doesn't wave an American flag, doesn't wear a crucifix (I doubt Jesus requires a symbolic reminder of the shit He endured up there, mmmkay?), doesn't really believe in my country, doesn't get choked up at the sight of yellow ribbons and the sound of Lee Greenwood songs, and I certainly don't believe anything the U.S. Government and the Corporate-Owned-And-Operated media in this country tells me. I don't vote in any elections because George Carlin said it best -- if you vote, you've got no right to complain! Besides, I don't vote for crooks and Republicans are crooks. Always have been. Always will be. I also don't vote for the spineless so that should shut down any Democrats reading this, too! I don't subscribe to the "lesser evil" theory, either. Voting for the "lesser of the two evils" ............ is still supporting evil.

You might be thinking, "Dice-Collecting Jesus, this guy hates his country!"


If you desire to keep reading, I'll surely list thy many ways ...