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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Pricipaled Stand In A Golden Country Of Jackasses

Coming out of my spider hole briefly here to address something that is less than one month away -- the November Mid-Term Elections. During this event, much of the left Blogosphere (and possibly America in general) will be tossing out the old Know-Nothing Republican garbage in exchange for ... well ... a different shower of assumingly pleasant smelling sacks of Do-Nothing Democratic Party garbage, the hope of it all being a Democratic party majority after all the powdered sugar and fuckin' Febreeze.

I want to share with you a letter I had written (but haven't sent yet) to the local newspaper The Monroe Evening News (AKA "The River Raisin Fishwrapper") detailing my concerns with the campaign ads of Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow and politics in general. From this letter, you may be able to ascertain what my aspirations will be on this coming election day ...

Recently, I've been seeing a political campaign ad by Democrat Debbie Stabenow where she boasts about creating jobs in Michigan by giving tax-breaks to corporations (under the rubric of "our way of life") who would otherwise follow the DeVos route - grant tax-cuts to those same corporations who outsource them to countries with a penchant for cheap, exploitable labor. As a partisan independent, my response to this ad was, "Quick! Would somebody -- preferably an FBI agent -- raid her office freezer!"

Apparently within the bubble Ms. Stabenow and most of the Democratic Party chooses to live in, these multinational corporations haven't been given enough tax-breaks -- at least not enough under the auspices of a moral idiot known as former President Bill Clinton along with our current intellectual idiot I shall only refer to as "The Decider" ... and need even more tax-breaks! What a complete nefarious state of affairs in this country when the best response our "Culture of Complacency" Democrats can do in the face of the current GOP "Culture of Corruption" that granted these corporations a blank welfare check to oursource our jobs in the first place ... is to cut another blank welfare check to bring those jobs back.

It's nefarious because it's an open and direct admittence on their part to us that the whole "we the people" democracy thing is just as dead as Eugene Debs, that we ultimate decide nothing, and this nation is nothing more than a fully owned subsidiary of a few multinational corporations. In the end, we're along for the ride -- having nothing to show for it all save for two days out of a given year where not only did we shuffle our hides into the voting booth to pull ourselves stupid on electronic voting machines nowhere near as secure as a one-armed bandit in a Detroit casino, but stupid enough to keep paying for the privilege every April 15th.

Alas, some might argue that we deserve that "way of life" since America can't have a "Culture of Corruption" walking hand in hand with a "Culture of Complacency" without a harrowing, 200 Million strong, Culture of Apathy sitting on the sofa and consuming every overturned tanker and celebrity break-up our tax-break collecting corporate media can deliver. Crimony, Terry Schaivo lacked a brain stem. What's our excuse?!?

Simple answer is we don't have one nor are we about to let it stand in obstruction of our entitlement to smear our SUVs with stickers and wave foreign made American flags championing just how proud we really are of "our way of life" here and Ms. Stabenow's alleged defense of it. Try selling that to a Katrina victim or a homeless war veteran ...

Welcome to the United States Of Denial, citizens, where the denial part has been grafted into a bipartisan 50-state strategy and we can't be bothered to share one whit of embarrassing shock and awe about it. It just might hit too close to our illegal alien-built homes.

Underneath all the sarcasm, invective, and contempt dripping out of that letter, one thing seems to be clear: it might leave you with the impression that I'm more apt to stay home this coming November. And, at the risk of smears and cajoles from other liberal friends (and non-friends; they know who they are) of left Blogostan, there's no apt about it -- I AM staying home on Election Day and I won't be alone as Les Blough and much of the crew over at AxisOfLogic will be staying home, too.

Call it partisanship. Call it idiocy. Call it sour grapes. Call it whatever you hell you will. I, however, call it a principaled stand against the same old and tired (ulp, there's those Lincoln-esque "Cooper Union" words again) loop-de-loops and "lesser evils" that's been going on in this country since the end of World War II and propagated each election year by a very unenlightened and unprincipaled American populace.

And I mean unprincipaled -- only in America where a movie entitled "Jackass" (and its sequel) can manange to draw in more than enough money to provide all the homeless vets and Katrina victims with homes (and still have enough left over to fund universal healthcare) thanks to a cottage-cheeze industry of total unmitigated jackasses who are all too eager to fill the theatre seats paying to see what any typical 5-lane intersection can provide them relatively free of charge and without the 2000% markup on candy, soda, and popcorn.


Well, the time has come for you, my friend
To all of this ugliness we must put an end
Before we leave, we must make a stand ...

REO Speedwagon
"Golden Country"


Monday, October 09, 2006


Top GOP leaders -- including House Speaker Dennis Hastert, of Illinois, and Majority Leader John Boehner, of Ohio -- have accused the Democrats of knowing about Foley's correspondences with teen pages, and waiting to release them until it was politically advantageous.

Hastert has been on the front line of the fallout since he and other top Republicans were accused of knowing before 2005 about an "overly friendly" e-mail Foley sent to a teenage page. A conservative Washington newspaper even called for the speaker's resignation, a demand Hastert rebuffed.

"Our friends on the other side of the aisle really don't have a story to tell, and maybe they're resolving to another way, to another political tactic," he said.

GOP Prods Democrats Over Foley Scandal
October 8, 2006
(Tin Hat Twirl: Billmon)


Rejoice they sing
They worship their own space
In a moment of love, they will die for their grace
Don't kill the whale

If time will allow
We will judge all who came
In the wake of our new age to stand for the frail
Don't kill the whale ...

"Don't Kill The Whale"