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Thursday, January 04, 2007

The GOP's Suicide Talking Pact

It's interesting that Republicans have basically admitted to an entire global audience that they were *IN FAVOR* of the Geneva Conventions *BEFORE* some thing or event caused them to vote *AGAINST* them and that thing/event is nothing more than The Decider's brownshirted "Global War On Terror". This is evidenced by the emotionalistic and Freeper-esque argument that since the terrorists are fighting by a different playbook than the Geneva Conventions, America is under no real obligation to continue taking the moral high ground that once made this country the envy of the world instead of the laughing stock and unmitigated embarrassment it is today after 6 years under Bush and Cheney (AKA "Deacon Dumb & Dumber").

No, the Freepers and the Footballers; people like Glenn Reynolds, Michele Malkin, and the rest of the Republicans -- against everything that all the teachers in grade school, all the preachers in Sunday school, and hopefully every parent worth their own weight in salt have taught us while growing up (Poppy and Barby Bush apparently being the most gargantuan of sole exceptions) -- instead demand in a childish caterwaul of protest and belligerence that America should dumb itself down; to come off the moral high ground in favor of the low road oft traveled by the very ruthless, dispassionate, and lawless; to stoop to the very immoral and illogical levels of the terrorists themselves by tossing out our playbook/rulebook (e.g. the Geneva Conventions/Rule of Law) and play by the terrorists' playbook/rulebook (e.g. "Man Over Law"/"Ends Justify The Means" mob rule).

The "logic" of such of position is akin to a losing Superbowl coach who, instead of admitting defeat and considering that either he, his players, his playbook (or a combination of all three) are at fault for losing and taking his lumps like a mature adult, decides to not only get all pissed off tossing his playbook in the trash in a tangent (because his losing is suddenly the playbook's fault), but then proceeds to march out on the football field to froth and roar at the refs about how he -- in some twisted idea of fairness and equality and/or precedent (such as having won all previous Superbowls using the very playbook he just tossed in the trash until it went "liberal", became a "suicide-pact", and started "giving aide and confort to the enemy") is entitled --FLAG-WAVIN' ENTITLED, DAMMIT!!1-- ... to win the Superbowl period. By any means necessary -- even if it entails the losing coach marching across the field to get a good gander at (or to steal) the winning team's playbook!

To top off it all, the losing coach then tells the refs that if they dare refuse to turn a blind eye and try to stop him for his unethical actions, why they're just a bunch of goddamned defeatocrats who should go make their living by officiating some other game because, by not letting the good Coachy-Woachy "win" the way the losing coach believes and feels he's entitled to win, then they clearly hate football, the Superbowl, and are probably involved in some kind of vast defeatocratic conspiracy with Soros The Bookie looking to cash in on watching him lose (at which point the losing coach's march across the field to spy on or swipe the enemy team's rulebook is somehow justified).

In other words, this is my way of pointing out just how completely stupid, brainless, and downright childish the reactionary Right's "Suicide-Pact" buzzphrase really is. Because hey -- *HEY!* -- if our Constitution or Geneva Conventions can be compared to a suicide pact in the eyes of our Bush-goosestepping Rightwingers, then what the fuck is really stopping ... say ... a football coach from claiming that the 4th down is not supposed to be a suicide pact, either? Certainly not the rules, and certainly not stupidity, either -- a football coach who does that shit clearly has a stockpile of weapons of mass stupidity equal amongst "Suicide-Pact" loving Republicans. The good news is such a stockpile is really easy to find even for a highschool drop-out (*): right between their ears.

That leaves me to the bad news: what's the MSM's excuse?

[*] Due to Geico's popular insurance ads, I've become overly sensitive to the plight of cavemen and instead choose to marginize high school drop-outs and only because I are one ... which really shows just how far the lack of excuses stretch for the MSM.