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Thursday, June 14, 2007

A "Corrupted" Announcement

Sorry for the lack of posts in recent months. To be brutally honest, I'm burned out on Politics and the MSM and invest most of time now pursuing other personal interests, one of which is a new half hour SkypeCast/PodCast called A Corrupted Kids Show -- just 5 sick, twisted, and perverted people having a little fun with off-the-wall news, headlines, and special guests.

We've completed two shows already and they're available for download. All shows are usually recorded on Sunday using Skype and become available a few hours later on PodShow as well as our official website. So, stop on by, check out the show, register on the Forums, and click on those Google banner ads to help keep us going, if you can.

Love us or hate us, let us know!


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