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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Modem ... Intar-Web .... RANT!

Hi kiddies!! I'm "PsychoSy" and I'm back in rare form but this time, it's in blog format. Some of you will remember me (and my lunacy) from either my contributions to the Political & Religious forums at NvNews.Net, EliteBastards, and Beyond3D. Others however may be "old-schoolers" who'll recall my material from as far back as Brinta and ISCA BBS and the original TBT website hosted on Fyremoon. Fyre has been really good to me (and still is) but producing both a text and MP3 version of my material was a lot of work and I entered a long spell of complete burnout as a result. Also, it was time for TBT (and it's many incarnations) to evolve; to move forward. The original TBT didn't have any means for readers to give or post feedback. Blogs are a different beast entirely, therefore, TBT is now in blog format!!

As for new-comers that don't know who I am and what I'm about, allow me to introduce myself by saying what this blog is and what it isn't. TBB is my own sandbox where the material is simular to that of many famous comedians such as George Carlin, Dennis Miller, and Denis Leary, and if you know how explicit and dirty they can be, then you know what to expect here: explicit language, adult themes, etc. What can I say? I'm a loose cannon! But with that said, if any reader becomes offended by the material, I've got a simple policy -- Your PC, Your browser, Your mouse, Your click ... Your problem! You may then excercise your freedom of choice and not come back or feel free to hammer on me using the "Comment" link.

If you are under the age of 18, you probably shouldn't be here unless your folks say it's cool. If you know your parents would fullblown Purtian hissy-fit if they found out you came here to read some middle-aged, caucasion, bald-fuck toss swear words around as if they were a bunch of drunken dwarves at a biker rally, then you should just click your back button right now! However, if you are under 18 ... and you continue to read me piss, moan, and complain ... then your parents or legal guardians can't hold me or Blogspot responsible because neither of us can control what you do over there on your end of the World Wide Waste Of Time.

Once again -- Your PC, Your Click, Your Problem!

I'm not your baby-sitter.

What you'll read here are my own takes on Religion, Politics, and Social issues along with my views on current events as they happen. Some of you reading right now are probably wondering what's the nature of the beast so let me come right out and tell you: I'm a financially Conservative, Socially Liberal, Non-Fundamentalist Christian that doesn't wave an American flag, doesn't wear a crucifix (I doubt Jesus requires a symbolic reminder of the shit He endured up there, mmmkay?), doesn't really believe in my country, doesn't get choked up at the sight of yellow ribbons and the sound of Lee Greenwood songs, and I certainly don't believe anything the U.S. Government and the Corporate-Owned-And-Operated media in this country tells me. I don't vote in any elections because George Carlin said it best -- if you vote, you've got no right to complain! Besides, I don't vote for crooks and Republicans are crooks. Always have been. Always will be. I also don't vote for the spineless so that should shut down any Democrats reading this, too! I don't subscribe to the "lesser evil" theory, either. Voting for the "lesser of the two evils" ............ is still supporting evil.

You might be thinking, "Dice-Collecting Jesus, this guy hates his country!"


If you desire to keep reading, I'll surely list thy many ways ...


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Why do you hate Amerika so much Psy? :|

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