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Friday, February 23, 2007

Yakity Yak

Earlier yesterday evening, I sought emergency medical attention due to extreme pain in my right hip that's been going on the past 3 or 4 days, leaving me with hardly any rest. After a few hours spend in the ER resulting in a shot of Toridal in the ass, x-rays coming back negative, over $30 in perscriptions that I can't fill because I don't have the $30 nor insurance, and an admonition to recieve follow-up care from a specialist who reportedly won't do shit for me unless I have $300 cash on me or insurance, I'm back home hobbling around.

A few more salient points regarding the previous post:

1) If the journalists in the MSM are "overwhelmingly democrat/liberal" as we've all been told, then somebody need to explain why on God's green acres are these so-called liberal journalists "bemoaning" in their ivory towers about being challenged by ... *gasp* ... LIBERAL BLOGS?!?

2) NBC's David Gregory basically admits that he (and much of the Washington D.C. establishment) either live (or are used to living) in an alternate America that's divorced from reality. To put it differently, Gregory seems to believe the internet is like Mr. Roger's Land of Make-Believe where us Make-Believe bloggers dare to use real White House press conferences to support Make-Believe political views for a real American populace to consider. It's as if the bloggers aren't real Americans at all in the eyes of Gregory and the D.C. establishment who apparently are more entitled to dictate/decide not only whose a real American but whose more credentialed to deliver news and political views for an American populace to swallow without hesitation. My god, Gregory and the insulated D.C. establishment believe that they're still that important -- so important that they're under the delusion that the blogosphere shouldn't be allowed to take them to task nor influence political views on Americans and instead should be schoolmarmed and "put in their place" for daring to think we Make-Believe blogger motherfuckers aren't Americans that know more about the nation and the world than Gregory and the D.C. establishment does and can do a much better job in showing it on our Make-Believe blogs.

3) Wolffe is also completely divorced from reality when he views his job and profession as a journalist to be nothing more or less than a middle-man still deserving of a 6-figure salary instead of how the liberal blogopshere views his job and profession: TO KEEP GOVERNMENT HONEST AND EFFICIENT. How does a journalist keep Government honest and efficient? According to the late Mike Royko, journalists succeed in keeping government honest and efficient by simply reporting every drop of the Governments incompetence and hubris right on the front page. Wolffe doesn't believe that, though. Doesn't believe keeping government honest is a role MSM journalists should be playing. Instead, that role is simply dumbed down to mean "ask questions and get information". The liberal blogopshere doesn't consider Wolffe's "ask questions and get information" as the only job description of "Journalist". Instead, that's the role and job description of an overglorified STENOGRAPHER/TRANSCRIBER at best; overpaid MIDDLE MAN at worst. Colbert's roasting of them a while back sure comes to mind ...

4) Considering that 33% of Americans get their news and information directly from blogs and the internet, the bemoaning and belly-aching from Gregory, Wolffe, and the D.C. establishment about the internet and the blogs is nothing more than sour grapes from an establishment that sees their "Kilroy Was Here" epitaph etched on the walls of the bathroom stall. The blogopshere is making their asses irrelevant and instead of earning their relevancy back, they choose to whine, cry, and bellyache with Tony Snow about having their every word scoured, picked apart, and analyzed by bloggers. They don't get the notion that if they would do the job Mike Royko (hell, our founding forefathers) clearly outlined for them in the first place, the blogopshere would be gone. But the blogopshere exists today because the likes of Gregory, Wolffe, and the D.C. establishment haven't been doing their jobs, aren't doing their jobs, and apparently won't be doing their jobs anytime soon. Therefore, they insure the existance of a blogosphere that considers it an honor and a duty to keep kickin' 'em in the ass and shove their faces in their own shit for the foreseeable future ...


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Try a magnet on your hip. I mean, just in case it works for you. I could give you a long shpiel about how a magnet helped my hip for me one time and why I used it and so on, but let me boil it down to this: take one of those flat refrigerator magnets that have a business card or something like that printed on them and place it over the bad part of the hip. Leave it on there for about twenty minutes or more. Doesn't matter what you do during that time. I was skeptical of the magnet thing when I tried it and did it as a joke. I forgot the magnet was there and twenty minutes later I noticed my pain was completely gone (after about three or four weeks of suffering with it). It does work every now and then. Not sure why. But it's such a cheap solution, it's worth a try to see if it works for you.

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