TBT: The Brutal Truth

Friday, March 30, 2007

Amber Alert

A friend of a good friend is missing his daughter. She's roughly 13 and ran away with another teenage friend. Time of disappearance seems to be around March 13 or so from the Casselberry, Florida area. For more details or information on leads, call the number in the pictures or visit the worried father's blog here.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Libby: "I've Been A Bad, Bad Boy!"

Sorry for the lack of updates as I've been pre-occupied with other things, but I still keep up with the news, especially the caterwauling from the ReThugs that Libby did no crime whatsoever. Sorry fuckers lost in a court of law and are now forced to re-trying the case in the Court of Public Opinion, catapulting bullshit propaganda everywhere.

It's just amazing -- 6 years ago, the public was told by the Republicans that the saints were marching in with George W. Bush. Today, the subpoenas and indictments come marching in as Bush and his "saints" go marching out. Too bad it isn't frog marching directly into a federal penitentiary, but that's still possible for the good news is the Democrats haven't peeled all the onions yet. And that spells even more bad, bad, news for the Republicans.

Hope they kept up to speed on Survivor.

They'll need it to survive the wilderness.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Talking About Johnny

Fixer opens fire, empties a few clips:

When Johnny comes marching home, he comes home to a broken marriage, broken finances, and inadequate care for his broken body. He comes home to a nation who shows their gratitude by sticking a magnet to their cars. He comes home to a nation who will send him back to the war because they can't talk anyone but criminals and psychopaths into enlisting at this point. He comes home to a nation who sees him as nothing but a figure on a force strength chart, as nothing more than a trigger finger.

Nice groupin', Sarge!