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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Base Is Pissed!!

Just days after Dubya's swearing-in ceremony, we now find out -- courtesy of The NY Times -- that his riding the Social Security Reform stump has got the Fundamentalist Christian base of the Republican party ticked off to high heaven (pun intended ... and how the hell do you like that, eh?!):

In a confidential letter to Karl Rove, Mr. Bush's top political adviser, the group said it was disappointed with the White House's decision to put Social Security and other economic issues ahead of its paramount interest: opposition to same-sex marriage ... The members of the coalition that wrote the letter are some of Mr. Bush's most influential conservative Christian supporters, and include Dr. James C. Dobsonof Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, the Southern Baptist Convention, the American Family Association, Jerry Falwell and Paul Weyrich.

This is just proof positive as to why I don't set foot in a church any more. These sorry excuses for Christians would rather help sell people like my mother (whose Social Security just covers her monthly rent) up the river just to keep oppressing and persecuting homosexuals. What a rotten shower of useless, false Christian, bastards these people are.

However they do have ONE point that I'll grant them (but not for the same reason) and that point is Fundamentalist Christianity loves to argue that allowing gay marriages would turn American into a modern day "Sodom". They're right because - just like Sodom before us - we've spent years upon years of neglecting our young and elderly, the terminally ill, we're generally crude and evil towards certain groups of people, we lack common courtesy & hospitality towards strangers, developed a penchant for protecting thieves and crooks at the expensive of others (Jeremiah 23:14, Ezekeiel 16:49-50, Matthew 10:14-15, Luke 10:7-16) and - as a result - God may very well be pretty damned close to viewing us as ungodly, lawless, and unprincipaled (2 Peter 6-8) on the same exact level as "the mob" of Sodom. Also, all of these sins of ours has taken place long before "same-sex marriages" have entered the socio-political landscape -- just like back then with Sodom! In fact, none of the above Scriptual quotations mention "homosexuality" at all therefore - much to the Christian Right's chagrin - it simply can't be the defacto reason for Sodom's destruction.

So, maybe - just maybe - the whole homosexual thing in Genesis 19:5 (the passage Fundy Christians use to demonize gays) was the ol "icing on the cake" sin, you know? When the mob said, "Hey! Let's all pork Lot's angel's in the bunghole!", God's tolerance for these fruitcakes finally ran out and - in his best Bruce Campbell impression - God shouted, "Oooh, no you don't, you primitive screwheads! No fuckin' my angels, understand? Yo, cyclops - I'm talking here - NO PORK-O ANGELS-O!! Got it? You didn't? Well, suck on this ..."

And it came to pass on that day the town of Sodom went KABOOM!


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