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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wingnutsh Shay Da Durndesht Thingsh (Volume I)

As the topic implies, I don't think the material needs much of an introduction other than what the subject matter is. So, what follows is a portion of stuff from wingnuts that I read or listen to every day -- raw and uncensored.


When possible, innocent people should be protected. That protection in my mind sometimes you have to lock up or just outright kill guilty people depending on the severity of the crime. The case that got everyones panties in a bind was that of abortion doctors that murder innocent people every day. I have no problem with them finding a massive shortening of their lives. It might not end the practice, but it will end his or her ability to kill kids. One down, many to go. It is all in the effort to protect innocents. The fetus can not fight back and save itself, so someone has to.

Waco (Same Wingnut):

The Davidians big crime was that they dared to have guns that others think they should not.

Now, while you try to wrap your noggin about these, I think I need to test a theory I'm working on called "Selective Self-Inflicted Amnesia" where upon after reading or hearing things as stupid and idiotic such as the above, it may very well be possible to minimize further damage from them on some later date by forcibly driving the harrowing experience completely out of ones short and long term memories after administering a requisite number of sharp self-inflicted blows to the head using anything less loving than a feather down pillow yet not as deadly as a two pound monkey wrench (example: a metal folding chair).


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