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Thursday, January 12, 2006

IRS Joins GOP's "War On Those People"

When I posted the other day regarding David Sirota's exposure of the IRS, I missed this from USA Today:

The IRS has frozen refunds for hundreds of thousands of low-income taxpayers without telling them they're being investigated for tax fraud or giving them a chance to defend themselves, the IRS taxpayer advocate said Tuesday.

In a blistering report to Congress, Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson said complaints about unpaid tax refunds have soared more than 400% since 2002. Sixty-six percent of those who complained were entitled to a full refund, an investigation by her office found. An additional 14% were determined to be eligible for a partial refund, Olson says.


Granted, the above picuture may be agitprop in the context of Islamic terrorism but, in the minds of a your typical rightwing, Bible-thumping, Freeper/Green Footballing rube, there's very few degrees of seperation between the "them" in that picture and the "those kind" of New Orleans.


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