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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bush's Bullito Is Borkalicious

Ms. Shakes links to Gordon who wastes no time in cracking Scalito upside the gourd:

Falwell, Santorum, and Dobson are for Alito's confirmation. Filibuster? Hell, yes!

Anyone the gets the blessing of the Tali-born Again, Fundy Fristian rightwingers needs to be Borked like nobody has been Borked before, moreso than Bork himself as Gordon is backed up by -Yasss, pah-rayze Jebus!- you guessed it: Dr. Gerry Lower who baptizes them in a shower of Lincoln Logs prior to setting them on fire:

Religious fundamentalism becomes religious psychosis when employed to coerce the people into collective action against their own interests (and in the interests of someone else). It becomes psychosis when employed to justify self-righteousness and belligerence on the world stage. It becomes psychosis when it imposes itself on democracy.

Dr. Lower's essay raises an interesting (and harrowing) observation: what I said earlier in regards to how Rightwing Christianity's pushing for "intelligent design" in public schools is the ultimate proof that they openly admit that our churches are failing in their duties is evidenced by the very presence of "intelligent design" itself. You know why Rightwing Christians are pushing ID sooo much?!? It's because they know it's their only way to finally get "creationism" back into the system. Think about that: they had to take Bible-based "creationism" and re-package it as something else in the hope and intent of deceiving the masses. Last time I checked the Bible, deception was the game of Satan; not Christ.

So, to save our asses and our Democracy, Scalito is Borkalicious.


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