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Monday, January 09, 2006

Murtha & Moran's "Town Hall" Joke

Yesterday morning on C-SPAN, I caught the last 20 minutes of a town hall meeting joined by Sen. Murtha and Sen. Moran and some of the things Moran said at the ass end of this pissed me off to no end.

At the 59 Minute mark, a Marine reservist from Virginia relates a story involving his son in Iraq whom operates a 155mm cannon drops the burning question:
"With this criminal negligence going on, why shouldn't you impeach Bush & Cheney?"

While the crowd went nuts with applause, whistles, hoots and hollers, Sen. Murtha's face was grim and he nodded until they quieted. The following was his answer:

I tell ya, I get alot of letters just like that. And with real [unintelligible] and concern about what's happening and the direction we're going and I think the reason why I got such an outpouring of people calling, faxing, writing ... because they're so distressed by what's happening. They're so distressed by the fact that [The Bush Administration] has been so arrogant and not listen to an ordinary person. So [unintelligible] making the sacrifices and that's what's so frustrating to the American people.

Sounds like Murtha dodged the question.

Moran, however, did not but his answer is totally unconscionable:

I don't think impeachment is the right course of action. We have a democracy and the right course of action is to express yourself at the polls, for the American people to get united and to elect leaders that uh ... are going to uh ... be honest with them and carry out the policies that they feel are more responsible and -- as you know, I voted against President Clinton's impeachment. I think impeachment is uh ... is inconsistant with the Democratic process and uh ... [at this point, some people in crowd heckled Moran with questions] ... the other fact is it's not gonna happen. Congress is controlled by the Republican Party. This is a moot issue and I appreciate the kind of response because I happen to be in the other party and have different views from the party of this Administration. But, it's not going to happen, but uh people like you and around the worl-erm country can change the course through the Democratic process and that's what has to be done when you feel that strongly ...

TRANSLATION: "What's in it for me?!?"

Good fucking Christ, Senator -- why didn't you just flip the man from Virginia the middle finger. Would've saved you a shitload of breath and would've have removed all doubt as to what this town hall meeting was all about -- a demagogic appeal to filch votes, money, and power from the audience for the expressed purpose of continuing the "Culture of Complacency" within the Democratic Party! Being the minority party is no damned excuse -- Harry Reid shut down the Senate for hours in order to put the squeeze on the Republican "ownership society" regarding the second phase of the 9/11 whitewashing Commission's report. Clearly, there are options the Democrats can utilize to force the corrupt Republican bastards to toss Bush and his administration under the bus. If the American people can't trust the Democrats to lead, follow, or obstruct as a MINORITY, how in the flying fuck do you expect them to trust the Democrats to lead, follow, obstruct as a MAJORITY?!? If you want to keep your $200,000 a year job, Senator Moran, you've got EARN it and the only way to earn it to make a damned stand irregardless of the status of the Democratic party instead of making excuses.

Later on at the end of the meeting (which the MP3 doesn't cover but C-SPAN's coverage did), Sen. Moran hung around a little while longer while Sen. Murtha left and he fielded more questions. One of the answers he gave to a question speaks volumes and I'll paraphrase here:

The Democratic party isn't going to be outraged until the American people become outraged.

TRANSLATION: "We Democrats have no conscience unless we're given a permission slip to have one!"

What a complete and utter fucktard. Yo, planet Earth to Sen. Moran -- if you didn't come pre-packaged with a conscience before you plopped your sorry ass on our time and dime as a Senator, then the only thing you've admitted here is the fact that you yourself need to be REPLACED come this November and I sure as hell hope the "democratic process" succeeds in taking care of that problem. Besides that, you should already HAVE a permission slip to have a conscience, otherwise what the fuck else have WE been delivering to you every April 15th and 4th November -- a permission slip to keep collecting a $200,000 welfare check for doing nothing?!?! If that's what you think, you've only got 8 months to find yourself a whole new, 300 Million strong, group of American sugar-daddies because you're starting to sound like one very expensive, high-maintainence date. One that doesn't "put out", if I may be so bold.

Sen. Moran also made this observation about the Republican "Culture of Corruption" at the 58:50 mark:

Some people are more than happy to hold other people accountable but not themselves.

Indeed, and as far as I'm concerned, Sen. Moran needs to take a good look at the nearest mirror but I doubt he has the testicular fortitude to do so since his own complacency will stare right back at him. This "Culture of Complacency" permeates the Democratic party and Moran's words here at this joke of a Town Hall meeting should be the proverbial millstone around his neck. Our Democrats have a pathetic, whiny, and borderline sanctimonious attitude that bleats and brays like a stuck mule, "Ohh, woe is us. We can't do anything since we're the minority and the only way for that to change is for the people to come along and empower to us."

My answer to that? Hey, Democrats -- how does it feel to feel like a circa 1960s Rosa Parks?!? Actually, that's probably an insult to Rosa Parks because when she realized no politician was ever going to come along and empower her, she grew a spine and empowered herself. Our Democrats need to do the same -- they need to empower themselves first. Then and only then do they deserve empowerment from us -- the voters and tax-payers. If that means impeaching or containing the dictator we've got for a President now ... then it's sink or swim time for the Democratic party.


And leave the jokes to John Stewart.


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