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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Right Story - Wrong Message

This is a new series that will comb other blogs within Left Blogistan that spews the wrong message in response to the right story. It's a habit I see time and time again and I've stayed silent on it because I indentified with these blogs and gave them a pass. Well, starting this year, TBT will no longer give free passes to popular blogs on the Left that engage in this practice and instead will expose their idoicy.

So, which blog on the left is the debut offender? Why, non other than Markos Moulitsas himself. He starts off with the right story regarding Hotline announcing a record $51 Million fund-raising record for the Democrats in 2005. Kos says:

20 percent higher than the year before a presidential election? I bet it's much higher than in 2001, which is truly the "comparable period". And, let's not forget that Dean couldn't solicit the million-dollar soft-dollar donations that made up the bulk of the pre-2004 DNC.

Right story and damned good news for the Democrats. It shows that all that mandacity against Howard Dean was just that: mendacity. Salacious attacks and invective about how Screamin' Dean would be the downfall of the Democrats is now effectively dead. Terry McCauliff who?!? It also shows that Democrats can readily adapt to change since McCain-Feingold lets the grassroots and netroots triumph over K Street. It lets Main Street stomp a mudhole into Wall Street's ass and walk it dry for a change.

Sadly, Kos didn't shut his mouth while he was ahead:

Now, of course, the RNC blew those numbers away -- $100 million -- but that was to be expected. Republicans always outraise Democrats. The question is whether Democrats can work toward closing that gap.


Closing the gap in fund-raising is NOT the question and should never be the question. The question is can the Democrats stretch those dollars? Can the Democrats do more this year than the Republican with less in their war chests than Republicans?!? The answer to that is YES and we've got 8 years of Clinton leadership under our belts to prove that the Democrats can do much, much better and brighter things for this country:

1) Without selling ourselves out to the Corportocracy (who are only in it for the profit -- not the common good) with tax-break after tax-break after tax-break. Corporations want all the Freedom that comes having the privelege of being an American-based multi-national corporation but don't want a single whit of the responsibility and reponsibility is always the inverse cost of Freedom in this country. Has been since the ink dried on the Constitution.

2) Without too much of a burden on Americans every April 15th.

Being able to do more with less is, has, and always will be a staple of the Democratic party; not closing the gap so that we look more like Republicans in cheaper suits. So what if the Republicans have $50 Million more than Democrats?!? The combined 16-year Reagan/Bush II orgies show that they need more because they can't manage money! The latter not only squandered the surplus but drove us further and further into the red and we're still trying pay off Reagan's legacy. I, for one, love it when Republicans have more campaign money than Democrats because it just means more money for them to lose through typical greed, corruption, and mismanagement which pisses off the fiscal Conservatives and divides them against the Religious Conservatives, resulting in the GOP fighting with each other.

Besides, they call themselves "Conservative".

What the fuck are they actually conserving?!?


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