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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Operation: Meatshield

If the previous post isn't enough certify Bush and his administration as the largest, pinkest group of useless, inhumane assholes that has ever drug their knuckles through this side of the Mesopotamia, here's this from the NY Times detailing a secret Pentagon report that claims 8 out 10 Marines killed in Iraq would've lived if they had armor.

No more mister nice and sarcastic Sizemore; time to let my hair down and shoot straight without the courtesy of blanks: As a result of this report, every single rightwing and leftwing sonofabitch currently employed on our dole in either the White House, the Senate, or in Congress need to be rounded up and crammed directly in the Camp Gitmo where they'll reside the remainder of their lives collecting three hots in cot (and an occassional waterboarding) until the next major war ...... where they then will be used by our soldiers as human armor.


We as citizens of America are caught in the middle surrounded by a pathetic bunch of chickenshit "Culture of Corruption" Republicans who underminded the war before it even got started by not providing ammo, armor, and tools needed to fight let alone win the damned thing so that a few dozen business cretins can feel better about themselves and a useless shower of spineless "Culture of Complicity" Democrats who refuse to stand up to the harrowing injustice of it all because those same business cretins and their lobbyiests are giving them kickbacks, too. Together, they'd make the perfect "armor" the next time we have a war because none of them are worth their $200,000 salaries nor are they worth to have their skulls labotomized by a 2nd Amendment practicing American citizen.

If I still owned guns, I myself would never dare to insult their honor or integrity and the bullets I spent my hard-earned money on by excercising my 2nd Amendment and lodging them into their skulls myself and thus dirtying them with whatever it is they've got between their ears or coursing through their sorry veins (sure isn't blood, brains, or courage) so "Operation: Meatshield" solves that problem by letting their carcasses take the bullets fired by our enemies and intended for our soldiers. I guarantee you politicians would think twice about corruption, complicity, and waging useless wars for the benefit of the Corportocracy once their sorry asses become Kevlar by proxy. And let's not forget about their friends in the mainstream corporate media - let's "imbed" them sonsabitches as "meatshields", too. Guaranteed we'd get facts from their reportage then instead of the kabuki-esque spin and propaganda we've been getting ...

Fuck 'em.

UPDATE: Some might say, "Damn Sizemore, you might want to watch what you put on this blog! Bush is spying on extremists and your idea is pretty fucking extreme, man. Don't wanna see anything happen to you, buddy. Hope you don't like disappear suddenly, bro!" Here's the deal, padre: I've got two things Bush can spy on to his heart's content and they consist of my Bible (something he and his fellow fake Christians on the right don't read in the first place much less practice because there's a work ethic attached to it) and my middle finger. From there, he can sit and spin. Secondly, look at what we've got here in America: Extreme corruption on the Right, extreme complicity on the Left ... *shrugs* ... sounds like we need an extreme solution to deal with those two extremes, eh?!? My "Operation: Meatshield" is that extreme solution -- extremely fucking partisan towards liberty and justice.


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