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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Smoking Gun Of Our "Corporatocracy"

David Sirota reveals a huge 30-year-old double-standard the IRS uses when parsing taxes between the rich and the poor. Read it and seriously consider excercising your 2nd Amendment on the way to the ballot box from now on. That or arm yourself with a timeclock. Personally, I've haven't decided on what I'll be showing up with at the voting booth this year -- could be anything consisting of a gun, a timeclock, a razor, shaving cream, a Legg's pantyhose egg ... or all of the above.

The rich -- from Kerry to Bush -- can go fuck themselves if they want to sic the NSA, CIA, FBI or whatever on my ass because the simple truth is it's a very, very, dangerous thing for the rich to have too many American poor people with nothing more to lose. Guns are the poor man's lawyer. Lawyers are the rich man's gun.

I'm fucking sick of this selective "War on Terror" we've got. Terrorism is something that isn't just limited to Islamic fundamentalists. People who can't find jobs because the outsourced employees of the Corportocracy (e.g. our policitians) are too busy watching the Corportocracy itself outsource them to India is terrorism. Poor people who are starving and homeless in this country is terrorism. Elderly whom can't afford their 2000-4000% marked-up perscriptions is terrorism.

If our politicians can spend TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars every 4-6 years for the fucking privelege of a $200,000 job in Washington, DC, then by God they can spare no expense on Americans by providing security, defense, healthy food at reasonable prices, health care, etc. The list goes on and on. If they're not going to stand and deliver, then we need to stand and deliver -- by ballots or bullets. It's high time for the Halliburtons, the Bechtels, the News Corps, the GEs, the Viacoms, and the Microsofts (and their purchased politicians) to get their asses shoved back.

Break the monotony -- Bust the Corporatocracy.

Power to the people ...


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