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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Possible Downtime

Since Charter Communications usually sends out their outsourced contractors on weekends to disconnect service, it's possible that they could show up in the next 48 hours to pull the plug. Granted, they haven't been around since mid April, but that's probably because of the feedback they've been getting either from my posts here or thru the grapevine. However, every weekend for the past month, they've been due to get froggy again and thus it wouldn't surprize me if this weekend is where they make their leap.
So, in anticipation of that along with the fact that Talk America has cut our phone service, we've made a leap ourselves yesterday -- a blind leap -- that could only result in less than a week of total downtime although I'm not too fond of the company we've made that leap with nor with the fact that it required a 1 year contract. To ease that burden, contributions would be appreciated.
One thing I want to make clear about the PayPal contributions to TBT is that you're not contributing to a "disposable income" fund. Hell no. No orchid funds, no drives for new laptops, no trips to fuckin' Maui, no computer upgrades, etc. No. Fuck no. I'm a custom computer tech with exhaustive experiance so I've got a marketable skill to provide for ourselves considering people in my capacity typically charge $50-$75 an hour flat rate (parts and labor extra). I'm a firm believer in the notion that "disposible income" should come as a reward and recompense from ones talents or skills (e.g. busting that ass and/or brain-pan).

The problem is I have no market -- the price of gas, lack of jobs, and a Bush economy that has yet to "trickle down" has squeezed the middle class so much they're either doing without computer upgrades/custom-built machines or they're going the "Disposible PC" route via OEMs such as Dell, Gateway, Compaq, etc. Combine that along with my physical problems such as my back, hips, and neck pain has, in turn, not only put my services out of demand but forces me to use a cane either for the first 3-5 hours of waking up or for the entire day (and working for 8 months a year ago as a "gopher" for the head mechanic of a scrap/recyling yard sure didn't improve that situation at all). So, contributions to TBT get used for electric, natural gas, water, cable/internet (no premium channels -- HBO is only useful for George Carlin).
Time for sleep.


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