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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dodging The Bullet

Looks like video games are under attack again:

Acting on a Florida lawyer’s suggestion that violent video games may have figured in Tuesday’s slaying of a West Feliciana Parish man, sheriff’s deputies searched the home of one teenage suspect again on Thursday.

West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Capt. Spence Dilworth said deputies seized several video games rated “M” for “Mature” from the residence of Kurt Edward Neher, 16, but the detective said he is not drawing any conclusions from his findings.

Then comes the real juicy details ...

Jack Thompson of Coral Gables, Fla., said Friday he suggested that West Feliciana Parish sheriff’s detectives look at the violent video game angle as a possible motive because published reports of Gore’s injuries “raised a red flag” in his, Thompson’s, mind.

Gee, and why would Gore's injuries raise "a red flag" in Thompson's empty fucking skull?

The next paragraph spells it out:

Thompson is active in efforts to ban obscenity and violence in various media and has filed lawsuits alleging connections between violent crimes and video games.

Translation: Jack Thompson is a sanctimonious ambulance chaser deliberately looking for something -- anything -- to advance his activist agenda to ban what Jack Thompson considers obscene or violent. Someone had better tell The Decider that he's got stiff competition in the deciding market ...

Nobody shoots anybody in the face unless you’re a hit man or a video gamer,” Thompson said ...

Or a crony of Dick Cheney ... ulp, wait -- did Jack Thompson just imply that Veep Fudd is an avid video gamer?!? Afterall, he did pump a slug of birdshot in somebody's face, too. Ah-haaah, so that's what ol' Dicky has been up to all those times he lurched inside that undisclosed location underneath the White House. I wonder if Thompson has any idea of what particular violent video games litter the stone battleship grey floor of The Bunker.

Perhaps "Konservative Kombat: Mutilation" -- a Neo-Con knockoff of "Mortal Kombat" where Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Joe Lieberman replace Lui Kang and the Ninjas, the spine-plucking and leg-ripping remains, but can only be done against liberal opponents?

Or maybe Eidos Interactive's "Hitman" series -- now that would be right up the Veep's alley (if only I could Photoshop worth a damn). And you can bet your tax-cut that ol' Dicky boy has got that "Left Behind" Christian video game on reserve at Games Etc, too.

And finally this gem:

[Thompson implies] that the apparent repeated “pummeling” of the victim is consistent with scenes in violent video games.

Of course, because it couldn't possibly be consistant with Moe, Larry, and Shemp, The Godfather, an old fashion Harlem beat down, or Stephen King's The Dark Half novel where George Stark bludgeons Homer Gamasche to death using the old fella's own prosthetic arm. Nope, not in Jack Thompson's America. If someone has been cudgeled to bloody ribbons or shot in the face, fuck decades of pop-culture and just marginalize those mean ol' video games.

Why does Blockbuster hate America?


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