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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Blondie Bin Coulter IEDs 9/11 Widows

The Queen of Rightwing Sactimony, Ann "Blondie Bin" Coulter is apparently really close to joining the government cheeze and welfare lines, hence her MSM tour shilling another one of her eliminationist, projectionist, anti-liberal screeds entitled "Godless" where she blasts one of her original Post-9/11 cashcows -- the widows of 9/11. She recently appeared with Matt Lauer on the Today Show to shill the book and "Adorable Girlfriend" at Republic Of Dogs has the bean footage.

What struck me about this is this new talking point/buzzphrase Coulter pushed called "The Left's Doctrine of Infalibility":

To speak out using the fact that they're widows. This is the left's "Doctrine of Infallibility". If they have a point to make about the 9/11 Commission, and about how to fight the War on Terrorism, how about sending someone we're allowed to respond to? No, no, no - we always have to respond to someone who just had a family member die and if we do respond, 'Oh, you're questioning their authenticity!'

No, no, no, no, they were cutting commercials for Kerry. They were using their grief in order to make a political point and preventing anyone to respond ... that is the point of "Liberal Infallibility". If putting up Cindy Sheehan, or putting out these widows, or putting out Joe Wilson, 'No-no-no, you can't respond!' It's their "Doctrine Of Infallibility" ...

When she said this horseshit, my "Projectionism" alarm went off as I recalled something years ago written by Dave Neiwert entitled "Rush, NewSpeak, And Fascism: An Exegesis":

Indeed, one of the lessons I've gleaned from carefully observing the behavior of the American right over the years is that the best indicator of its agenda can be found in the very things of which it accuses the left.

Coulter's accusing the Left of having a "Doctrine of Infallibility" is completely steeped in projectionism -- a psychological defense mechanism by which a person or group casts (i.e. attributes) their own traits, emotions, anxieties, worries, and/or faults upon another person or group, predominately as a means of avoiding the acceptance of blame, guilt, or responsibility. Another way of defining projectionism is by a modern-day slang word called "diffraction" -- a mix of the words "differentiate" and "distraction".

In other words, the person engaging in projectionism/diffraction is vainly trying to defend themselves of an accuation by making a reverse-accusationary differentiation upon somebody else to absolve themselves of having to accept blame, guilt, and/or responsibility for their own actions. In recent years, it's a good barometer of gauging the true agenda of Rightwing ReThuglicans because whenever they accuse the left of doing something, it's mainly to provide cover for something the Republicans themselves are guilty of having (1) allready did, (2) are currently doing, or (3) plans to do in the near future whilst everyone is distracted.

Thus, Coulter's alledged attribution of "The Left's Doctrine Of Infallibility" is patent, rightwing, self-serving bullshit. In fact, it's people like Coulter and other loudmouth Republican blowhards and sanctimonious pundits that invented the "Doctrine of Infallibility" shortly after the September 11th attacks in the first place, evidenced by the fact that, as far as Republicans were concerned, reponding to them with dissent or criticism was met with accusations of "hating America, loving Saddam, and not supporting our troops" -- whether it was Bush and the Republican "ownership society's" incompetent response to BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO STRIKE which allowed 9/11 to happen, the questioning of the authenticity of the WMDs in Iraq, the questioning of the authenticity of the sensationalistic over-glorifiication of Jessica Lynch's heroism (and her rescue), the questioning of the authenticity of the Nick Berg beheading, the questioning of the authenticity of Pat Tillman's over-glorified heroism, sacrifices, and the circumstances surrounding his death by friendly fire, on and on and on.

The above evidences of the Rightwing's "Doctrine Of Infallibility" in action is the very thing that allowed assholes like Coulter, Hannity, O'Rielly, Limbaugh, and the rest of the Rightwing Cranko/Bigotsphere to keep wrapping themselves in the flag, gibbering and clucking about supporting the troops via lipservice and empty platitudes (as opposed to signing enlistment forms), reminding people incessantly about "Sheptembah Dee 11th" and propping up the bourgeois infallibility of warhawks who kept painting a rosy picture of how we were "turning a corner in Iraq" when in reality we were going in circles -- all of it for one purpose and one purpose only: So that they can keep cashing in by exploiting the American people's fears and misery.

These nefarious, fraudulent, immoral fuckers like Coulter made personal fortunes yammering on and on and on about 9/11, the troops, Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillmon, and Nick Berg's rolling head until it got old and tired and couldn't be millked for personal (and multinational corporatist) profit anymore once the American people woke the fuck up to their craven corruption and sleaze.

Now that they no longer monopolize the debate, it's time to blame the end of their seemingly never-ending flows of Mammon and the loss of the War On Terror onto someone else (e.g. The Left) in the hopes that the remaining "True Believing" Branch Bushidians can have their wallets raped and pillaged some more as the GOP and their knuckle-dragging MSM jackoffs and online cranks continue to discredit themselves before a world audience and plunge even further into moral bankruptcy (but yet still get to collect a salary until their contracts expire).

The only reason why Coulter sanctimoniously claims that she couldn't respond to the 9/11 widows until she barfed a putrid pile of consonants and vowels on a few hundred pages of manuscript is because she knows that saying her bullshit to the widows' faces would've resulted in those widows proceeding to claw her fuckin' eyes out (and if they didn't have long claws to do so, I'm sure Left Blogistan would have no problems launching a Lee Press-On Nail drive on their behalf).

I don't know what anybody cares in his heart ...

If this rotten skank bitch truly didn't "know what anybody cares" in their heart, she wouldn't be able to write a book claiming that liberals and democrats are "Godless". To say that they are Godless is the same as saying she does know what is or isn't in their heart. But she claims she doesn't! This is Fakey Fraudulent Fristianism at its core, folks. No, Blondie Bin Crabfarm, the liberals and democrats that comprise the Left aren't "Godless"; they simply don't believe in the millitant, intolerant Jesus/God you and your ReThuglican cohorts seems to write and drink snake venom in homage to.

Afterall, the last time I checked The Bible, Jesus said to love and pray for your enemies; not waterboard them nor detain them indefinately without trial. Oh, and in that same Bible, Jesus also said something about the peacemakers being blessed and inheriting the Kingdom of God -- a vast difference from "The Republican Bible" which apparently dipicts its "Psuedo-Jesus" of saying that the war mongerers that are ones that'll be blessed and thus inheriting The U.S. Treasury. Big freakin' difference there ...

Adorable Girlfriend echos Kathy Griffin:

I’m sorry, but who wears a cocktail dress at 7 AM?

If you will pardon me from being a total sexist pig, I can answer that: Too many College Republicans ... and only one yammy. Well, two yammies, if you want to count the one between her chin and upper lip but, considering what's been spewing out of it (both?) for the last few years, my best friend's bisexual wife said it best: "No self-respecting lesbian in her right mind would ever accept oral from Ann Coulter unless she wants be totally mean and cruel to a strap-on." Since I'm only a lesbian trapped inside a man's body, I'm gonna take her word on that (but I can see her point, nonetheless).


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Coulter subscribes to that old adage that any press is good press as long as they spell your name right..

I refuse to give her attention. I ignore her and her small legion of whackjobs. To discuss her is to make her important..and she isn't.

By Blogger dusty, at 5:59 AM  

I'd have to disagree. Ignoring people like her is, in my opinion, part and parcel to how the far right extremists were able to absorb and ultimately usurp the Republican Party over the past 10-15 years.

Granted, to discuss her does give her dignification. But to ignore her -- as how Kerry ignored the Swift Boaters -- is to send the message that the left is weak and wilts in the face of being bullied around, and thus giving them a defacto pass (because the Republicans aren't going to repudiate their own - not since the death of Barry Goldwater).

By Blogger Sizemore, at 6:12 AM  

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