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Thursday, June 08, 2006

GOP's "Hammer" Pounds Nails In Own Coffin -- DNC's Pelosi Blows Smoke Up Own Rectum

Tom DeLay, AKA The Ticking Termite; will soon stop ticking.

Good fuckin' riddence.

Not to be outdone, Nancy Pelosi opened her big fat mouth to gloat.

Good fuckin' grief:

Tomorrow, Tom DeLay officially resigns from the House of Representatives. His resignation brings to an end what the press has referred to as a “criminal enterprise” run out of the former majority leader’s office.

Yet the widespread Republican culture of corruption goes deeper than one man and extends further than one office. Mr. DeLay’s departure under an ethical and legal cloud fails to extinguish that broader corruption.

Can the FBI please conduct a raid on Nancy Pelosi's office, please? She's gotta be smoking to serious herbage, dropping some mean fuckin' acid, or freebasing an entire crack house because if she's gonna yammer about how an "ethical and legal cloud" failed to shut down the Republican's criminal enterprize, she's got nowhere to look except from the culture of complacency eminating from her own goddamned office -- the same office she wrote 11 "privileged" resolutions from instead of 2300+ ethics complaints (basically one for every dead soldier in the Iraq Clusterfuck).

California needs to remove this bitch from office and enroll her into Betty Ford - STAT!


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