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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bush "Logic" In Action

There's been a lack of blogging activity here not of my own volition. With the temperature in the 90s here and the humidity matching it, that gives us an overall heat index around the century mark. When the weather gets that hot in this rented house of mine -- a house that, dispite all the holes that give birth to birds and bumble bees, does not have any air conditioning whatsoever -- it makes running a computer not only impossible but stupid if you have don't liquid cooling such as Koolance.

Harddrives, video cards, and CPUs are the largest producers of heat in a computer. With traditional air cooling, your computer can only be just as cool as the ambient temperature of the room it exists in.  Therefore, if your intake fans are taking 90 degree saturated from the room, it's not cool things a whole lot. Since hot air rises, all that heat goes to the power supply unit, which generates it own heat and, if it gets too hot, it can overheat and totally fail. I blew two power supply units last summer and I can't afford to lose the one I have. That means the computer stays off until sundown at around 9PM and thus too late to do any real blogging (because my focus is on cooling off myself -- not working myself up in a lather over something I read to such degree that I just gotta rant and rave).
But something interesting and mildly poetic happened on Memorial Day here -- you see, Talk America shut the phone off today. Yeah. They called last Wednesday and I gave the representative an earful. The conversation went like this:
Talk America: "May I speak to ... <mother's name>."

Me: "She's sleeping."

Talk America: "Okay it's very important that we reach her by 5PM today ..."
Me: "This is about a payment isn't it?!?"

Talk America: "Sir, I can't discuss that with you unless your name is on the account."

Me: "Bullshit. As secondary beneficiary of her estate, I'm hereby excercise my power of attorney, so whatever you've got to say to her you can now say to me."
Talk America: "Unfortunately, sir, I can't legally discuss it with you since your name isn't on the account ..."
Me: "Don't even try it -- when Talk Americas' legal beagles decided to comply with Bush's NSA legal beagles about spying on all her calls without a warrant -- including this very conversation of ours -- I think all of Talk America's so-called legalities went right the fuck out the window, including that nasty legality about paying the rest of bill. So, may Bush, the NSA, Talk America and all its shareholders rot in hell, and you, Ma'am, are legally free to join them -- *CLICK*"
That was late last week. But Memorial Day sparked the discovery that Talk America decided to cut the phone service here. Still get a dial tone, mind you, but if we try to make a call, we either get forwarded to Talk America's customer service or a recording that says that the number is out of service.

The bad news?

By not having a phone, I can't call Gwen's transportation to pick her for pre-school and thus may see The Summer Vacation Santa come a little early, can't call an ambulance in case I discover she's allergic to bee stings or if my mother has another heart attack (not that I'd really want to considering the number the EMTs did on my father when he laid dead on the floor). Can't recieve calls in case a $50-an-hour computer service job opens for me. You know -- piddly shit like that!
The good news?
By not having a phone, it's just one less avenue Bush and his NSA asshats can use to assert their only-legal-in-the-Wiemar-sense right to spy on blue-haired, social security collecting grandmothers whose only sole credential to actual acts of terrorism is all those times they might've bawled "Bingo!" all by themselves down at the VFW ... and boy, I bet that shit sure pisses The Decider/Texas Oil Hick right the fuck off!
BUSH: "Dammit, why does Talk America hate America?!?"
Hey, Geogie-Porgie-Oil-Pudding-Pie, it's not a total loss. As long as Charter Communication's own outsourced technicians stay away from cutting the cable and internet service here, your big bad Satan-worshipping self still has a means of keeping one split-toe hoof inside the Sizemore household. But I wouldn't bet on that -- Charter's about due to pull their shit again. Then what are you gonna do?
BUSH: "Fuck! You assholes just killed a sleeper cell that has his mama on board!! Turn their phones and their internets on right now or I'll be waterboarding Paul Allen's ass by week's end!"

That's the only choice ol' Bushy will have soon. Why? Because he knows I'm not going to cane my ass down to the library on the corner to update this blog, especially after he cut their budgets and their operating hours a loooong time ago.
A hatchin' Sizemore goes,
A plottin' Sizemore knows,
Hannity-Ho - O'Rielly-Oh
Not knowin' sure does blow ...


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