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Friday, June 02, 2006

Shitbag Alert!

Oh, just go read if you can contain yourself:

The accelerating media feeding frenzy over the alleged killings of twenty-four Iraqi civilians in Haditha by US Marines last November is about to overwhelm American politics. Propelled by their most irresponsible war critics, the left will try use Haditha as it used My Lai thirty years ago: as a political tool to take apart America's support for the war and to shatter the legitimacy of our cause and the morale of our troops.

What a complete asswipe. Forget about "the left" -- in the minds of most Americans that have soured on this clusterfuck of a war regardless of their political leanings, the so-called "ligitamacy of our cause" was undermined the very second the Republican "Ownership Society" sent our troops over there stark fuckin' naked -- no armor, not enough bullets, not enough troops, etc. -- and thus become fodder.

George Carlin was right when he said, "Anti-abortion, pro-life Republican Conservatives want live babies so that they can raise them to dead soldiers." These degenerate, craven, hooligan Republican bastards are about as far from being pro-life, Christian, and American as my two Pekingese mutts.

As far as I'm concerned, the moment ONE military boot touched the sands of Iraq belonging to a soldier without armor, the GOP went from "Support Our Troops" to "We're Taking Your Loved One For Granted" and they need that fact shoveled down their gullets with the same ammount of religious fervor they once used to ejaculate about the war until they choke. Sadly, the only Democrats that are doing just that are Murtha and Feingold. The rest aren't even Democrats -- they're "Other Republicans" and need prompt replacement.

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