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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dain Brammage

Yes, it's from but I couldn't resist. Follow along with me because she needs to be buried ... and I'm the fuckin' undertaker:

Today, I offered my eleventh privileged resolution to hold the Republican Rubber Stamp Congress accountable for its abuse of power and ethical lapses. And for the eleventh time, the Republicans voted to shut down debate on these issues.

Whoa, wait a second here. You bashed your empty fuckin' skull against the Republican brick wall eleven goddamned times only to turn around and not only do you have the nerve to grandstand in front the Kossacks as if you're proud of it but you even have the outlandish termity to describe your eleven headbutts as "privileged"?!? Newsflash Pelosi: In baseball, it's three strikes and you're out. After the third resolution, you should've peppered them all with so many ethics complaints that Cheney's crony would demand licensing residuals.

If you want "privileged", look no further than the eight strikes too many you gave to the Republicans. As for ethical lapses, look no further than the nearest mirror. As for campaign money, go flip burgers at a Wendy's. Waste your own time and dime -- you've demonstrated a penchant for wasting time and dimes admirably eight times already. Too bad the dimes weren't yours ...

My friends, when an innocent man is accused of a crime, he works to clear his name. He does not do everything in his power to sweep that crime under the rug.

He will indeed do everything in his power to sweep his crimes under the rug when an ignoramus gives him eight chances too many to do so. As for calling me "friend", that's a little premature. The day you agree to recind the remainder of your 6 figure salary for the rest of this year in the interest of being a friend to your constitutents is the same day you can call me "friend". Not a moment sooner.

Oh, and don't even dare patronize me with any of that sanctimonious "attack blogger" bullshit -- people who blow tens to hundreds of millions of dollars campaigning for the privilege of a 160-180K government job NEVER has the right to lecture me on a goddamned thing, especially on matters of personal responsibility and civics. On the contrary, it's the other way around and between my two feet and your two ass cheeks, a lecture on any of those things from me won't cost the American tax-payer a single cent.

Alright. I think that's enough. No, wait ... AHAH!

Pelosi, you used the phrase "the American people" three times in your entire diatribe.

That's three strikes. Get the fuck out.


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