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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Blogrolling Update And A Round Of Kudos

AmericaBlog has been WHACKED from my "Truth Disciples" Blogroll. Why? Well, the reasons are long and quite documented here if you wish to do a seach in the box off to the right, but the final nail in the coffin came upon reading that someone (I wonder who) complained to Blogger about AravosisBlog -- a parody blog that emerged in the wake John Aravosis's recent "Joe Kline Moment".

Gideon with the onion peels:

"Johnny A-List," the pseudonym of a blogger who has created a site that parodies John Aravosis, has been told by Blogger that "someone" filed a complaint against the satirical "ARAVOSISblog" and it may be shut-down tomorrow as a result. While the real Aravosis has not been named, it's hard to believe that the complaint was filed by anyone else.

Absolutely. I mean, there's only a few degrees of seperation from an A-List liberal blogger going from Joe Kline-esque "Get Off My Blog" rants to graduating to Michele Malkin tactics so the complainer was either John Aravosis himself or one his remaining brainwashed thralls.

So, John Aravosis and AmericaBlog have been replaced with the very parody site he or one of this goons tried to shut down -- AravosisBlog -- because I'm led to believe that John Aravosis, despite his education and his years of experiance in political circles, his mouth probably burned plenty of those bridges and thus he's down to blogging and activism for a living. In other words, he a leftwing version of L. Brent Bozell.

Also wanna give some Kudos to those who recently made Pay-Pal contributions -- you know who you are and I appreciate every little red cent of your help and every whit of your generosity. Also want to welcome David Collins from FollowTheLinks.Com as well as Res Republica from the Republic Of Dogs to the Blogroll and a big thanks to other blogs off the beaten track that have linked to my posts here regarding the implosion of John Aravosis.

Crash his fuckin' gate ...


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Hey man, thanks! Welcome to my blogroll as well!

By Anonymous Res Publica, at 7:12 PM  

It's pathetic that a man with his intellect can meltdown so easily. Yet, he expects people to buy into his bullshit and sexism PLUS give him money to boot..amazing.I hope his numbers take a huge hit over this since he refused to admit he was wrong and started banning people like it was a friggin contest..Kos isn't a whole lot better in my opinion..many of the "professional"bloggers are getting very full of themselves..its not about the story,its about them most of the time now.

By Blogger dusty, at 3:29 PM  

There were so many ways he could've handled that situation better. The Shakers has a point and he could've appologized or he could've pulled a Billmon (e.g. the ol' silent treatment for a few months).

The latter is no option for Aravosis because Billmon doesn't have to blog for a living -- he probably blogs for therapy or for the joy or writing and telling a story, perhaps even as a release of stress.

Aravosis, on the other hand, blogs for activism and fundraising and that whole "Get Of My Blog" rant tells me that he essentially wants to surround himself with asskissers and then around and overglorify them as the be-all-end-all definition of liberalism or America (in much the same way Rightwing Republicans and Christian Fundamentalists do).

Another thing is that whole spiel about him saying his blog wasn't some amateur "cable access" gig is just so wrong on so many levels. For one, how can he say that in his capacity as host of "PoliticsTV" and still retain a straight face?!?

Second, his rejoinder is a slap in the face to those busting their asses at the local level trying to re-establish progressive communities and absolutely must use cable access as a means of outreach.

By Blogger Sizemore, at 5:01 PM  

Thanks Sizemore!

Have you seen my new parody of AMERICAblog?


There is a live blog at americablahg.blogspot.com

By Blogger Yeshua David, at 6:24 PM  



It's been fun to do.

By Blogger Yeshua David, at 6:26 PM  

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