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Thursday, June 23, 2005

The GOP Is On The Brink Of A Meltdown

This is just fuckin' awesome. Seriously awesome. Hot off the heels of Dick Durbin telling the truth and then tucking his tail between his legs in sheer fright of Mayor Daley and the rightwing noise machine, the Republicans in Washington are having a complete and utter thermonuclear meltdown. The first one to go nuclear is none other than Fat-Ass Karl Rove:

Karl Rove came to the heart of Manhattan last night to rhapsodize about the decline of liberalism in politics, saying Democrats responded weakly to Sept. 11 and had placed American troops in greater danger by criticizing their actions.

"Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war; liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers," Mr. Rove, the senior political adviser to President Bush, said at a fund-raiser in Midtown for the Conservative Party of New York State.

After that, President Bush himself agreed with it via mouthpeice Clueless McClellan who is caught yet again lying through his Gannon-lovin' teeth:

Q: So will the President ask Karl Rove to apologize?

MR. McCLELLAN: Of course not, Jessica


Q Can I ask it in this way, Scott? Then if this is an issue, is this an expression in some manner that the White House is concerned that with the popularity of the war diminishing, the anti-war liberalism is beginning to take hold
so the President and Karl are confronting it directly?

he was speaking to the New York Conservative Party, and he was talking about different philosophies -- the conservative philosophy and the liberal philosophy and how we're approaching different priorities for the American people. That's all it is.

Next on board was The Republicans in the House, courtesy of their fellow propagandist L. Brent Bozell III - the son of the speechwriter for Sen. Joe McCarthy:

While our men and women in uniform put their lives on the line each day to defend our safety and to protect our freedoms, I am sure the least they expect is the backing and the support of their leaders at home," said Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-Ohio), chairman of the House Republican Conference.

"To the contrary," Pryce added, "what we've seen from Democrat leaders is a growing pattern of jumping at any chance to point the finger at our own troops, bending over backwards to promote the interests of terror-camp detainees while dragging our military's honored reputation through the mud."


Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.), who joined Pryce at the press conference, told Cybercast News Service that it "is just inconceivable and truly incorrigible that in the midst of the war, that the Democratic leaders would be conducting guerrilla warfare on American troops."

He also labeled the Pelosi/Waxman proposal for an independent commission "simply another example of some Democrat leaders trusting the words of terrorists over the proven decency of U.S. troops.

"The American taxpayer is already providing accommodations for detainees, who are currently more comfortable than most of our men and women in uniform," Wilson added.

And adding the little bow tie on the package are the following talking points from RNC Chairman Ken "On The Down Low" Mehlman so they're all just full of piss and vinegar and bringing on the slime. While Democrats on the hill and among the liberal Blogosphere are calling for Bush to fire Karl Rove -- a call that does have merit -- all of them are missing a very kick-ass oppotunity to turn the GOP's slime machines against their own feeders. Michael Glitz over at AmericaBlog comes close to hitting a bullseye:

Rove's comments -- backed up 100% by George Bush -- didn't just attack Democrats. Rove and Bush attacked and demonized any American who dares to disagree with them or just thinks they're doing a lousy job. 57% of Americans think Bush is doing a terrible job in Iraq. George Bush says that makes them traitors. Half of all Americans who voted in the last election didn't vote for George Bush. He says that makes them traitors. Anyone who thinks torture is a bad idea? Traitor.

Look at the last few days. George Bush's numbers are collapsing. He couldn't get a "Fridays Off" law passed in Congress and the American people are increasingly worried about our troops in Iraq (maybe because they still aren't properly equipped?). So what does Bush do? First he attacks gays. Then he pushes the flag burning amendment. And today he attacks the majority of Americans who think he's doing a lousy job and calls them traitors.

It's very simple: George Bush has had almost four years to hunt down and kill Osama Bin Laden. He's failed miserably. Since George Bush is too weak to attack Bin Laden, he's attacking Americans.

No, Micheal. Bush and the GOP just isn't attacking America ...


Think about it: You know, it really must be nice for all these GOP hacks to be able to sit around on their big fat rich fuckin' asses, gathering around their think tanks and their keyboards and brainstorm all these silly notions of what they think are the beliefs of the Democratic Party, eh? How is it that with a major league War On Terror going on, a deficit going deeper and deeper into the red, between 7-10 troops dying everyday in Iraq, more and more pages of the DSM surfacing every day, Afghanistan slowly turning back to Taliban rule, and our military rapidly becoming hollow due to low recruiting quotas, somehow these GOP hacks are wonks are finding enough time in the day to huddle together (or laying back on the pristine White House furniture sipping wine and flipping through a porno magazine) and asking one another, "Gee, I sure wish we knew what's going on in the noggins of those liberals over there?!? They have got to be concocting something -- I just know it!! What do you all think?!?"

Do you get my drift?

Seriously, it really must be nice and convenient -- nay, a fucking luxury -- to honestly have time in the day to devote to quality Republican Christian thought that consists of, "What in the hell are those damn tree-huggin' liberals are thinking about on in that Godless head of theirs" when that is time that they could be using on actually being an effective and productive administration that could CARE FUCKIN' LESS WHAT THE LIBERALS THINK by simply being pre-occupied with delivering results like say instructing their think tanks, cheerleaders, and War Preachers to have recruiting drives, ending the torture going on in Gitmo, having Porter Goss bag Osama since he knows where he's at, shutting down the insurgency in Iraq, addressing the economy, and figuring out how to get all those American jobs back. Right? Of course!

But they can't do that. Why? Because it would take something they clearly don't have -- COMPETENCY -- and being competent by delivering results would infringe on all the time they require on getting together and figuring out what us crazy liberals are up to. Don't you get the real punchline here? They're simply too xenophobic for their own good and they were hoping to high hell that we'd never catch it but we're are and it's driving 'em batshit with conspiracy theories, hence all the slime!

The gig is up. Slowly and surely. We waking up from the lull and demanding answers, demanding results, and not just by words but by tangible proof. Proof they don't have. Why? Again, that would take time and competency. The latter is something they don't have time to develope and the former is something they always seem to have too goddamned much of when it comes to wondering what we liberals might be up to. I think ol'
Driftglass backs me up on this for he accurately points out:

Their whole psychological infrastructure is cobbled together out of half-baked conservative bumper-sticker ideology, gun lust, socially illiterate hatred of “welfare cheats” and other largely fictional or apocryphal lazy people (read: niggers and other swarthy folk) who want to leech off of them while they work harder and harder for less and less. Despite a lot of bluster about Freedom and Individuality they are, at heart, happiest when they are conforming to the wishes of the Strong Man; when they know exactly their place in the hierarchy.

Security and Enforced Orderliness is their idea Heaven and Doubt is their Hell, which is why they swarm like mayflies towards simple-minded sloganeering instead of actual, y’know, thinking…and why many of them fall madly in love with Fundamentalism. It’s this anti-Faustian bargain where they get the perfect peace of mind that comes from absolute, swaggering certainty that they are completely right about every single thing. And thrown in at no extra charge, they get Paradise after they die, with the promise that they’ll get to see my sorry ass screaming in agony in a lake of fire on Basic Cable for all eternity.


This is the ancient, unbridgeable and eternally hostile schism between their template for humanity and ours. This is, I believe, why sometimes we fundamentally cannot understand each other; because we are running two radically different and incompatible O/S's. Our O/S thrives best when saturated in pure, clean Reality, and theirs rust and rots and flies apart at the seams when the lies that insulate it are peeled away
... The sheer weight of simple things like time and gravity and causality itself are our natural and incorruptable allies. They are merciless, and recognize no Geneva Convention niceties when meting out justice to arrant fools who try to fuck with them.

Not only are they scared shitless of being wrong, they know they're wrong. Worse yet, they know that we know they're fucking wrong, too, and managed to convince 57% of Americans of that fact as a bonus ... and the Republicans are hating all our asses for it. Just like they HATED our asses for knowing they were wrong to fuck with Terri Schaivo, hence all the slime. Just like they HATED our asses for knowing they were wrong to fuck with the Filibuster, hence all the slime. Just like they HATE us now for knowing they were wrong the fuck with Social Security, hence all the slime.

Simply put the Republicans are using "Liberals" as a convenient proxy to distract people from discovering the real object of their hate: Americans! The proof is self-evident because whenever you see such a sudden, concerted, and massive slimefest of "liberals" on the part of the GOP, sit back and let the slime fly because the truth of the matter is they are communicating more about themselves than the individuals or groups they're sliming. They're tellings us all just how close they are to implosion. And if some of the Democrats in Washington pick up on this and cram it right back down the GOP's craw, it'll really chaffe the asses of the Republican party into hating America even more!

How should they go about doing this?

All a Democrat on the hill needs to do is walk up to the podium with a copy of
this article from the New Jersey Star-Ledger and say:

"Mr. Wilson claimed that we Democrats believe terrorists over troops. He therefore owes Brig. Gen. Donald Alston and Gen. George W. Casey a sincere appology for calling them terrorists because I believe them. Whether or not that appology comes, I sincerely hope that the next time these two Generals report to Donald Rumsfeld, they include a Xerox of their extended middle fingers in their report as even more intel that I can agree with, too. I yield the rest of my time, Mr. Speaker."

The key here is to force-feed them their own bullshit.

Serve it up with a side of crow and a knowing smile!


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