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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Ohio Sues Bush "Pioneer" Noe

Stick a fuckin' fork in him.

Toledo's CBS Affiliate
WTOL-11 has the latest onion peel on what has become the most rotten scam the entire Ohio GOP has involved themselves in since last November back when the Grinnch stole that state's electoral votes. Toledo coin dealer and Republican campaign contributor Tom Noe is getting sued after a search of his shop turns up 80% of the missing coins, leaving 20% still unaccounted for:

State officials say they're planning on suing a coin dealer after his attorney told them $10 to $12 million of the state's $55 million investment in rare coins is missing. Officials do not know what assets are missing or where those items are supposed to be, said Jeremy Jackson, a spokesman for the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. The bureau invested in rare coins in the late 90's as a way to hedge its investments in stocks and bonds.

Oh, but it gets more bloody:

Investigators went to Noe's coin shop under a court order issued Thursday morning, but weren't able to remove coins from their cases to inspect them and verify authenticity, Jackson said. The bureau had made $15.3 million from the investments while Noe has collected about $3.8 million in commission.

His shop outside Toledo had one of the two largest coin caches in the collection. About a dozen cars, including Ohio State Highway Patrol cruisers, were in the shop's lot Thursday, and a sign on the door read, "Closed for inventory." Later in the evening, crews were seen taking boxes in and out of the shop.

"Mr. Noe will continue to cooperate with the investigation," said Jud Scheaf, a legal partner with Noe attorney William Wilkinson. He could not provide more details.

Um, I don't know what clue Mr. Scheaf has but when Noe's employees are seen carrying out boxes in and out of the shop all night long, that's not cooperating. That's pulling an Enron at the wee hours of the motherfuckin' morning. Sure, baseball, Pokemon, and Magic: The Gathering cards could be shredded. Lhurgoyfs and Howling Mines are a dime a dozen but, then again, Tom Noe does strike me as a kind of moronic asswipe who would shred a Mox Ruby in front of Richard Garfield or take a Zippo to a Blastoise as a bunch of 8 year olds watch so here's to hoping the feds will sift through Noe's trash just in case. Ahhh, but since coins can't be shredded (damn those Bush hating liberal metalics and alloys), boxes will have to suffice in ridding ones crooked self of other possibly incriminating evidence.

If you're lost on what this whole thing is all about, head over to
AmericaBlog where Joe has a complete rundown of the corruption that bleeds through the entire Ohio state GOP. That's right -- the entire Republican leadership in the entire state. Read it for yourself. He, John Aravosis, and the entire gang over there have been peeling this onion on the Blogoshere since day one while WTOL-11 and The Toledo Blade hold the fort on the mainstream side.

The Blade is a fine newspaper -- the finest that can be found locally here. The morning my father passed away in my lap here at home two years ago, it was shortly after he arrived home from grabbing a copy of The Blade from a corner gas station 4 miles down the road. He never got the chance to read it but he loved The Blade dearly -- much more than the "fish-wrapper" the Monroe Evening News is -- and we saw to it that he got to read it on his way to Heaven by putting that very edition he bought that morning in the casket with him. Despite my not having read an edition of The Blade since Mike Royko passed away and Donald Kaul vanished, it still remains a fine paper.

With that all said, I echo Joe and John's opinion that The Blade should get a Pulitzer for their coverage and Channel 11 also deserves simular awards in broadcasting as Terry Thill, Chrys Peterson, Melissa Voetsch, and Jerry Anderson have been doing a fine job in their own right.

UPDATE: I had originally blogged that the authorites had turned up 20% of the missing coins and neglected to point out this happened early yesterday morning, not this morning. That oopsey has been corrected. This just goes to show you that even a blog in the hands of an insomniac is a terrible combination. If I can be excused, I'll be kicking myself in the ass the rest of the day (sure as hell won't be sleeping)


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