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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Posturing, Strutting, And Just Being A Plain Idiot

It has become apparent that the White House Spokesperson Scotty "Clueless" McClellan has multiple roles, the newest being head editor-in-chief of Newsweek magazine. As you all know by now, Newsweek had been raked over the coals for letting some truth about how much love some of our servicemen show to the Koran -- spitting on it, slinging it around, and flushing it in the toilet -- and according to The Bush Administration and the salaried Prime-Time Pundits of the corporate, money-whoring, Republican owned & operated mainstream media, Newsweek is being blamed for inciting riots and comitting murder. The largest pisser of the bunch is Ol' Clueless himself and as a result of his whining and bitching, Newsweek has since apologized and retracted their story -- a story that names a Pentagon official as its source.

In order to buy the Administrations story, one has to forget that accusations regarding Koran abuse has been getting coverage in our media as well as by the UK and Austrailian media dating all the way back to 2002 and there were no kvetching from the White House then nor were they any riots. You'll also have to forget that Newsweek vetted this out through various channels within the Pentagon and the White House itself for days prior to publication and again there wasn't a peep about it. Oh, but once it's in print, and unrelated rioting breaks out over in the Middle East, the Administration is suddenly crying foul and calling out their "Redefinition Squads". As I watched Clueless grandstand for the media, I kept expecting him to claim that Newsweek is mired by a bunch of "activist journalists" and - when asked for good news - he'd say that he just saved a couple of bucks on their car insurance by switching to Geico.

Of course, Clueless needs to posture and strut for this failing Administration and the Republican party after the amount of idiocy he bestowed upon us all back on May 13 when he was getting grilled about not informing President Bush that his wife and former first lady Nancy Reagan were among those evaucated in DC after a straying cessna put the nation under high alert until long after the "all-clear" was given. How exactly does one go about that, anyway? "Yes, Mr. President, we'll get right on smearing Senator Reid. Rove's wish is our command, praise Jesus. Oh, by the way, we had to evac your wife about a half hour ago and she's doing fine. Hey, how did you like that remix of Queen's 'Bicycle Race' I burned for you, sir?" Fucking idiots ... and Scotty is chief among them all.

While AmericaBlog justifiably focused more about how in God's name could the White House be fine and dandy leaving the President & Commander-In-Chief out of the loop, I can't help but notice something even more pathetic: of the 24 questions E&P's covered on the May 13th WH briefing, Clueless McClellan mentioned "September 11" a total of 6 times alone and each of those 6 questions were "tough" questions in the contexts of Bush's hands-on role (or lack thereof) in national security and domestic policy. Just goes to show that The Luntz Playbook is still in play over there (hell, probably in audio form on their iPods).


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Heh, "instant karma gonna get you".... :evil:

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