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Saturday, March 19, 2005

When Bloggers Become Prophets And Christians Become Hypocrites

Those of you with knowledge of The Bible should know that the Good Book says that prophets are declared true or false if their predictions come true. Recently, John Aravosis at AmericaBlog made a prophetic implication that the Republican Catholic Judge in CA that recently declared the statewide ban on gay marriage as unconstitutional would be lumped together with "liberal activist" Judges by the Religious Right.

So what's the rub? In accords with The Bible,
Aravosis has been elevated to true prophet status thanks to Rev. Lou Sheldon and his wonderful wingnuts that comprive his "Traditional Values Coalition". Then even go one step further -- not only is this Judge "activist" but "Republican". To them, no real Republican nor a real Christian would be so open minded (read: misguided) to do such a thing. TVC's website touts that they speak for over 45,000 churches and congregations. What an amazing feat for John. He deserves it.

Unfortunately, there is some bad news for John in all of this as his new found status as Prophet
probably won't improve his chances of having a Catholic funeral ahead of dozens of cardinals and bishops that have fondled hundreds of altar boys under the same roof where senior citizen volunteers can be found calling out those sinfull Bingo numbers ...


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