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Friday, March 18, 2005

Three Strikes For Joe!

The liberal Blogosphere is erupting with justified talks on Sen. Joe Lieberman and how he's just a DINO - a "democrat in name only" that either needs to formally jump ship to the Republican party or just plain jump ship period. Ever since the 2000 election, many liberals and Democrats have been taken a closer look at Lieberman and now view him as rather worthless. My opinion is simply what took you guys so long!

Joe Lieberman lost me many years ago -- particularly in the early 1990s when he and Sen. Kohl wasted truckloads of taxpayers' money year after year looking to see if Mortal Kombat creates Satanically inspired child-killers. He and Kohl are under the impression that the ESRB Ratings System on video games is law-abiding to the the extent that if a game is rated "M" for Mature, then it can't be sold or rented to someone under 18. That's not the case and never was. When Washington held hearings on the matter of violent video games, the gaming industry felt that the Government was going to impose regulations and so they themselves drafted a voluntary, self-regulating system of ratings on video games in order to educate parents on the content. Congress approved of this with flying colors. What the ESRB doesn't do (or wasn't intended to do) was to function as a stiff regulatory body where the sale or rental of games to children or teenagers was in violation of a "law" somewhere. In short, the ESRB was instituted to educate parents, not replace them. Nor was it intended to function as the Federal Governments equivilent to a school liason/truant officer. Nevertheless, Kohl & Lieberman continued to waste millions of taxpayer dollars each year looking at video games and portraying them as potential co-conspirators of violent child murders and teenage crimes. The reality is that despite the industries "rampant piracy" excuse and draconian return policies at the retail counter, most stores often buckle to outraged parents who return an inappropriate game for a refund or an exchange. To Senators Kohl & Liebermen, the 1st Amendment doesn't apply to video game developers and since parents are too inconvenienced to become involved in the lives of their children, Government goons such as they feel the need to step in. What a slap in the face to parents and Americans everywhere! If Joe honestly thinks that Sub-Zero or Duke Nukem creates child-killers, then apparently he must also believe that eating Burger King every day for a month straight will turn him into a Whopper. Strike one for Joe ...

Joe Lieberman is also a card-carrying member of L. Brent Bozell III's "Parental Television Council" along with Tipper Gore and Hilary Clinton. Yes, the same dreaded, right-wing, Christian Fundamentalist organization that tried to put a Stone Cold Stunner on Vince McMahon's pro-wrestling entertainment business by illegally using copyrighted footage and logos in their Steve Allen narated video-screeds and by attacking or intimidating the WWF/E's sponsors. McMahon fired back with a chokeslam of a countersuit which he won, forcing the PTC to pay hefty fines and leave him and the wrestling business alone which they did for a while. The PTC went on to attack FX Networks for "The Shield" and when Rupert Murdock gave them the middle finger, the PTC went right back to attacking pro-wrestling.

Strike three doesn't affect Lieberman directly, but when we're dealing with lunatic fringe, Fundamentalist Christian right-wingers, the apples don't fall far from the tree. Birds of a feather indeed flock together and Liberman's alliance with L. Brent Bozell is enough to incriminate him of even more guilt, this time by association. Brent Bozell's father was the infamous speechwriter for Senator Joe McCarthy whose sweeping generalizations completely ruined lives and the country as a whole roughly 3 decades ago and was once arrested for attacking an abortion clinic with a flaming crucifix.

So, in review, he wastes taxpayers money with pork-barreling. He's a card carrying member of Christian terrorist groups. His best friends are wingut Neocon apparatchiks. With such trashy Senators, no wonder we Democrats stink to high heaven! Clearly, 2006 should be our year to take out the trash, starting with Lieberman and Zell Miller. We also should keep an eyeball and a Hefty Cinch Sack ready for Hilary Clinton who currently has a mean-streak in sucking up to the Right and Iowa state residents.


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