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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Gingerbread Trail Of Dead Soldiers

Earlier tonight, John at AmericaBlog linked to a 10 page article in Vanity Fair by Mike Shnayerson that details the great fleecing of the American Taxpayer in the War In Iraq courtesy of Haliburton's KBR subsidiary that has got me really steamed. Particularly this portion right here:

"My first day at Camp Cedar, I noticed flatbed trucks were bringing brand-new S.U.V.'s, like Toyota Land Cruisers, Hummers, 4Runners—some of the most expensive S.U.V.'s that money can buy. I saw hundreds of them going to Iraq." The S.U.V.'s weren't hauling anything, Warren says. They were just for KBR personnel to ride in from base to base. They had power windows and CD players. "You don't have CD players in a car in wartime," Warren says wonderingly. On such delicate vehicles, desert conditions were brutal. "Within 90 days," he says, "they were completely trashed."

Warren's job was to haul supplies on an almost daily basis from Camp Cedar north to Baghdad to Camp Anaconda—a distance of about 300 very dangerous miles. He realized pretty quickly that the KBR people in charge of loading up the convoys had no experience in trucking. "A majority of the goods we transported were transported the wrong way," Warren explains. "You can't haul paper towels and napkins on a flatbed when it's raining and there's no tarp. We lost millions of dollars of goods that scattered on the roads. Pants, boots, shirts, water ... And we couldn't stop to pick that stuff up. We told KBR time and again, You can't haul this stuff on a flatbed—you need it in a container. But they never did change. And what happens is, when you start losing things that way, you attract Iraqis. We had people following convoys so they could pick up stuff that fell off the truck."

A lot of Iraqis, unfortunately, were more aggressive than that.

And this portion was just from page 7. Go on ahead and
read the whole shebang and the next time you hear the "Those Dirty Liberals Hope More Soldiers Die Over There" meme from either Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Mike Savage, or any of these far right rubes from Free Republic, take the above from the article and ram it down their craw. If they poo-poo this as "more Halliburton sour grapes", then you know who REALLY wants an increase of dead soldiers to die and you also know why they want them to die: Just so they can turn around and blame it on the Left! Any defense whatsoever of KBR's little "gingerbread trail" is proof of guilt that the Right are the ones who want Iraqi terrorists to scuttle our convoys, thus killing more of our people.


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