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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A Wee Bit Premature

Lack of WMDs? Check. Massive torture, human rights, and international treaties broken? Check. Large scale voter fraud in two elections? Check. Outing of Valerie Plame? Check. Dictatorialship and intimidation of the media? Check. Jeff Gannon? Well, the jury is still out on that one ... but as long as its being ignored by both the Republican Bush Adminstration and their Republican, business cretin CEOs that helm the networks (liberal media, my right testicle), you might as well prepare yourself to put a checkmark in that collumn, too. What does this all tell you?

It tells me beyond a shadow of a doubt that whomever claimed Bill Clinton was "The Teflon President" needs to be plucked from whatsoever spiderhole they've immigrated to since then, dragged to the nearest town square by their bottom lip, locked up into a cage, and then repeatedly bashed with a steel folding chair by a midget pro-wrestler for being just a wee bit premature in their half-baked pronouncement because nothing -- NOTHING -- seems to be sticking to George W. Bush - AKA The Teflon Shrub - and his corrupt cronies.

Someone said to me recently elsewhere, "Admit it Sy: there is nothing Bush could ever do that would make you happy" and he's stone cold accurately as all hell on that pronouncement. However, he went on to say, "You unreasonably hate the man" which is total bullshit for two reasons. One, I don't unreasonably hate Bush. I've got some pretty damn good reasons for justifying my rage against him. Second, because that isn't the exact question he wanted to ask me in the first place. Nope, he wanted to ask me the same question that all conversatives have been beating liberals over the head with over the past 4-5 years now: "Why do you hate America, Sy?"

Let me count thy ways - a White House lawyer writes a memo that drastically reinterprets our obligations vis-a-vis treatment of detained combatants and says that the prohibitions against torture don't apply to the President's detention and interrogation of said combatants, and months later, we discover simultaneous prisoner abuses on two sides of the globe that have apparently been orchestrated to some extent by military and intelligence organizations? That's not even slightly suspect in their book?

Also, his leaving 3,000 WTC victims and their grieving families hanging like Floridian chads for his dropping of "The Osama Ball" only to turn around and have his cheerladers repeatedly say "September 11th" over and over again at last years RNC (which partially ensured his re-election - Diebold ensured the other part) simply isn't a degree of hate I'd call unreasonable. Nay, it only scratches the surface. The continuing Jeff Gannon debacle is just more icing on the cake because here's an administration that - aside from uttering "September 11th" like a mantra and slapping the asses of Diebold employees for their help - marketed and mined blatant homophobia as a lipservice to the Christian Right as well as a good portion of the masses to vote for him (provided that Diebold machines didn't make one of their usual oopsies when counting their ballot, too!) while planting a male, conservative, homosexual neo-journalist that lobs softball questions during the day and yet turns tricks at night ... and lied about.

Then, his subsequent actions of claiming none of those sites went live yet he showed no shame trying to cash in on the sell of those domains leads me to believe that if there's anyone in the homosexuality community - male or female - who'd go so far as to label Jeff Gannon as a "self-hating fag", it doesn't shame me one bit to say I empathize with their ire due to the hypocracy of it all. I - as a heterosexual and a Christian - feel just as estranged and ticked off as they might feel because of Jeff's meely-mouthed, "If I were a plant, wouldn't they've picked someone other than me" excuse.


Jeff's background - his proverbial skeletons in the closet - is all the more reason for someone in the Bush Administration like Karl Rove to bring him in as a plant because nobody in their right mind would either expect nor suspect a White House full of conservative, Anti-Gay Rights, Republicans to do such a thing and put themselves at such great a risk. Before Gannon's expose, anyone who would've alledged that the Bush Administration is using homosexual neo-journalists to lob softballs at them would be decried as the looniest of all conspiracy theorists on the same level as all those black-helicopter fearing Patriot Movement/Militia nutjobs that plagued this nation throughout the 1990s. I should know - I used to hand out their screeds during my "Christian Fundy" days as a card-carrying member of the "Michigan Militia" (back when I was young and stupid).

But I'll never tire of the "Why do you hate America, Sy" question.

In fact, I counter it with a more apt question: Why is their love for America so blinding that they think that the actions of every official in our government - more specifically those with the telltale "(R)" in their name - are beyond question? These people don't love America - they're obsessed with it! Their obsession is directly purportional to a battered wife that refuses to leave her terrorist prick of a husband because "I wuuuuv him!!!" It's preposterous. Love means you can still point out to someone when they're fucking up without them picking up their ball and threatening to go play in someone else's sandbox through their narcissistic sniffles ... or beating you to death with it while shouting "You America-hater!" over and over again.

I also don't tire of the "How can you be a heterosexual Christian and gay right activist at the same time? By what authority do you have to call yourself Christian because of your actions or conduct?" By the same damned authority Bill Frist calls himself Christian while making a mint from abortions one scape at a time, pal. It's called hypocracy and being human and at least I wear mine right out in the open where people can get a good strong whiff of it instead of vainly trying to hide and cover it up. That in and of itself is the crux of the Jeff Gannon matter. I believe that when all is said and done, people can accept and tolerate hypocrites just as long as they're honest about it. It's the shady "let's sweep it under the rug" type of hypocites like Jeff Gannon (and the silence from the Fundamentalist Christianity regarding him) that drives us all out of our respective gourds because it leaves us thinking exactly how the flying fuck can they live with themselves under such obvious denial.

Under such utter divorce from reality.


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