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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Kudos Round

Bill Rosen of OhTheBill.com has graciously offered to host the audio MP3 I made of the Gannon segment from last Saturday's edition of Fox News Watch. The earlier link on my old Fyremoon domain will expire soon so I appreciate Bill's kindness and you can, too, by helping him on the bandwidth side with a contribution. Thanks again to Fyre for the temporary hosting as well. As for that MP3, you can snag it from Bill here!

Also, thanks to John Avarosis at
AmericaBlog and an apology to him and to Crooks & Liars as well for not having my shit together to give us all a video to go with it. I hope to have video capture capabilities back this weekend. Speaking of C&L, they've got a must see video from Hannity & Colmes (submitted by Kos, if I recall correctly) where Blondie Bin Coulter is completely torn to bits by an angry Alan Colmes. I think she was close to pulling a Linda Blair -- pea soup and all! New found respect for Alan here as he was in rare form! Hats off to him for nailing her good.

As for me, the bed beckons ... so the rest of this an open thread for you all. Enjoy!