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Friday, March 04, 2005

Fundamentalist Christianity ... and your pharmacist!

While reading Americablog , John linked to a very startling article regarding how the far right wing Christian Fundamentalist conservatives are itching to inoculate pharamcists, paramedics, etc, into refusing service towards people that they feel are immoral. In other words, it the classic "Get Thee Away From Me, Sinner!" horseshit that is deceptively packaged under the "Love The Sinner - Hate The Sin" banner. Quoting directly:

The rights of health-care professionals who refuse to provide a drug or medical procedure, based on personal religious objections, ought to be vigorously protected on the federal and state levels. If those suing pharmacists succeed, what will it be next? Will pharmacists be forced to fill prescriptions for assisted suicides? Will doctors be told to provide abortions or go to jail? Where will it end?

The rights of Christian health-care providers who believe in the sanctity of human life deserve to be protected too. This is yet another case where the religious rights of Christians are being threatened today. It's just another example of how liberal activists fight to see everyone's rights are protected -- unless, of course, those individuals happen to be followers of Christ.


Pharmicist: "Procardia & Catapress, eh?"
Mom: "Yes ..."
Pharmicist: "Alright, just need some brief personal info..."
Mom: "OK"
Pharmicist: "Age?"
Mom: "64"
Pharmicist: "Recently suffered a heart attack, eh?"
Mom: "Yeah. Worst pain in my life..."
Pharmicist: "It sure is. Smoker or non?"
Mom: "Well, off an on. I'll quit for 4-6 months and then light up for a while, etc."
Pharmicist: "Huh! No wonder you nearly keeled over ..."
Mom: "Excuse me?!?"
Pharmicist: "I afraid I can't serve you."
Mom: "What for?"
Pharmicist: "Smoking harms the temple of the Lord."
Mom: "Who gives a shit?"
Pharmicist: "I'm Baptist. Filling your perscription is against my religious beliefs."
Mom: "I'm an Atheist."
Pharmicist: "That's your problem."

At this point, either one or more the following things will probably happen.

1) My mother has another heart attack or a full blown stroke due to this asshole pharmacist stressing her out.

2) My mother moves to take off her shoe before she's abrubtly carried away and escorted out the store.

3) I'm there ... and just happen to have an S&W .500 revolver on my person (sporting an 18 inch barrel, I might add) which I then wave in a lanquid fashion and say oh so sweetly, "You've got 15 seconds to fill her bottles up before I start filling yours with lead, starting with the one between your ears."

4) I'm there, don't have a .500, but I see a placard full of tiny Bibles in which I grab one, take the Zippo out of my pocket and then say, "Fill 'em up ... or 2 Timothy gets it!"

5) I burst behind the counter, "convince" the pharmicist to translate the chicken scratch on my mothers's perscriptions and then proceed to fill the goddamn bottles myself.

6) I ...

I think I better stop right about there because I don't know what the fuck my reaction would be and I certainly don't need to continue listing potential ones in case some militant from Bush's Ghestapo is reading this. The thought alone of this actually happening to my mother is enough to pump my veins full of piss & vinegar and start bringing on a revolution. The way I figure it is a pharmacist, doctor, etc, who feels THAT strongly about such an issue is definately in the wrong line of work. This country respects a person's right to their own religious beliefs so long as they do not impose those beliefs on others. Tolerance begats tolerance just as intolerance begats ... well, refer back to numbers 1 thru 6.

If your religious beliefs prevent you from being able to do your job properly then you probably don't have the right job. I could respect that pharmacist for saying, "I have a moral objection to providing this service, so it's my decision, based on my religious convictions, to leave the pharmacy business,'' a hell of a lot more than I can respect that same individual refusing to provide service to his customers. For example, my religious beliefs (as well as my conscience) bar me from schystering people out of their money for shilling ridiculous, overpriced, retail products that were assembled in some third-world gulag. As a result, I'm a piss poor motherfucker making $7 an hour at a scrap yard instead of a 5-figure making manager of a Wal-Mart imposing my religious beliefs on all the Democratic and Republican customers who just wanted that Playstation 2 and a spindle of CD-Rs without a sanctimonious sermon attached to it. Luckily for me Christ did say "Blessed are the poor," which is a concept beyond the scope of these ultra-conservative, fake Christian wingnuts ...


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