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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Axworthy Drills Rice & Bush

In the latest episode of former Allied nations now rightfully slapping the taste right out of our collective yaps, former Canadian Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy hath raised thy gauntlet. Styled as a personal letter to Rice, Axworthy soon starts delivering the literary equivilent to what Jim Ross of the WWE would describe as a "Clothesline From Hell" ...

Dear Condi, I'm glad you've decided to get over your fit of pique and venture north to visit your closest neighbour. It's a chance to learn a thing or two. Maybe more. I know it seems improbable to your divinely guided master in the White House that mere mortals might disagree with participating in a missile-defence system that has failed in its last three tests, even though the tests themselves were carefully rigged to show results. But, gosh, we folks above the 49th parallel are somewhat cautious types who can't quite see laying down billions of dollars in a three-dud poker game.

Emphesis mine.

Enjoy the rest here courtesy of the Winnipeg Free Press.


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Thank you for linking to this "open letter"! That is what political discourse used to be in this country, and needs to be once again. Talk about an intellectual butt-kicking that he gave Condi; what a breath of fresh air! Never thought that I would see the truism, "speak truth to power" so elegently and powerfully stated! Thanks again, from a fellow Michigander!!

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