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Monday, May 22, 2006

Bourgeois Pig

There he goes again:

Guys, anybody who isn't happy, please leave this blog and don't come back. I'm serious. Get out.

Our Constitution is on life support and you freaks have spent over 24 hours worrying about two words in a title, and you're still obsessed over it. None of us have the time to deal with your weekly fit of hysterics, whether it's over Katherine Harris' photo, Cynthia McKinney being a wackjob, commenter Miles being upset that I "made a big deal" about a hate crime that almost killed a gay couple, you being upset that I criticized Howard Dean for his insensitivity to gay issues (which I was proved right on a week later), and on and on and on.

It took me a while to realize it, but there are a minority of my readers who are never going to be happy. Rather than fight our common enemy, you'd rather sit here and beat me up because somehow you get off on that. That's fine. You're no longer welcome. Please leave. And spare me the emails about how you used to love the blog. The blog is the same it's always been. You however have become increasingly nasty and shrill.

I choose to spend my time fighting the enemy. You choose to spend your time fighting friends. Well, you do that. On someone else's blog. You're no longer welcome here, so get out.

You might think that the above comes from AssRocket over at PowerLine, Michele Malkin, or from a random knuckle-dragging Freeper or LGFer but it doesn't. Instead, it comes from AmericaBlog's John Aravosis and the debate that spurred this sanctimonious Joe Kline-esque reaction actually started on his blog and finished at Ms. Shakes's place which goes to show exactly why it won the "Best Group Blog" award in the 2005 Koufax Awards -- it's the online epitome of the "Big Tent" nature the Democratic Party is supposed to be about.

But I'm not going to echo the debate at Ms. Shakes' place because it's still going and best covered over there. Instead, the need to tear into John Aravosis's hide yet again by picking apart his ridiculous rant peice by piece is in order. Ready? Let's go:

Guys, anybody who isn't happy, please leave this blog and don't come back. I'm serious. Get out.

Oooh, no. Not the "Get The Fuck Out" card again ... and being played by a so-called LIBERAL this time instead of the ReThuglican shitbags. Well, sorry Johnny Boy, but my response to liberals who play the "GTFO" card is the same as it was when the ReThugs played it against Democrats back when Bush had approval ratings above 50 percent: The day I leave is the same day clownboats like you decide to pack up your damned sandbox and set the example. Until then, you're just blowing hot air just to hear your own head whistle ...

Our Constitution is on life support ...

... and you're doing such a bang-up job of CPR by telling Democrats and liberals that dissent with you or take issue with something you write to get off your blog and banning those who dare excercise their Constitutional right to free speech. Jesus Christ, no wonder you accepted a Blog-Ad in favor of abolishing the concept of Net Neutrality -- maybe you think pandering to Charter, Comcast, and the telcos will keep us dirty, unwashed masses off your blog ... or maybe you just want to filch money from both them with that ad while also playing "pretend activist" with your readers?

None of us have the time to deal with your weekly fit of hysterics ...

Speaking of hysterics, aren't you about due to force whatever is left of your audience to deal with another installment of your "The Left Hates Money Series" ... or is that in the pike for next week?!? Whenever you're planning to trot that particular circus flea again, you had better hurry because of that recent Blog-Ad servey that ohh soo conveniently shows the majority of blog readers are educated successful people making above $70K, and it needs to be capitalized on, man. You and the rest of the A-List bloggers better get on the ball and milk that shit fast. Gotta soak 'em out of that cash. Fleece 'em outta that gasoline money. Pump it like you're O'Rielly and it's a "War on Fitzmas".

It took me a while to realize it, but there are a minority of my readers who are never going to be happy.

Oooh, how convenient is that shit?!? You know, John, I bet Joe Klein thinks the same thing -- that there's a "minority" of his readers that are never going to be happy, too. Same with the all the other so-called liberal writers in the SCLM that think their dissenters are a "minority" as well such as Howell at the WaPo. Hell, even Joe Lieberman is convinced that his detractors are a "minority" even though Ned Lamont chewed off 30% of his hide off the other day. Earth To John Aravosis -- the Self-Righteousness Express credit card has a very stringent purchasing limit and, just like Klein, Howell, Lieberman, and the Fundy Fristians, you've maxxed it out a long time ago.

Rather than fight our common enemy ...

HA! Who in the hell died and made John Aravosis the supreme authority on deciding for me or anyone who our so-called "common enemy" is?!? Do you honestly think that living in Washington and being involved with politics for 20 years accords you with some kind of moral or ethical authority to bestow on everyone else as your see fit -- an authority that is above and beyond reproach?!? If so -- BULLSHIT -- and you're no different than the bastards we've got for MSM journalists or politicians who believe the same thing. They can't be trusted to sit straight on toilet seat let along talk straight and neither can you.

You're no longer welcome. Please leave.

Blow it out your Georgetown ass! Nobody tells me what website or blog I can visit. Not the NSA, not Charter, not AT&T, not Verizon, not Comcast, not Sen. Shithead, not Rep. Bonehead, not President Lunkhead, and most certainly of all not YOU, you shirt-shilling fuckhead. Last time I checked, you haven't come over here to TBT, busted out with your goddamned bankcard, clicked the Pay-Pal link under my picture, and greased my wheels. Besides, even if you did, I'd only deduct a $5 "Anguish Fee" in having to send the change back to you with a little card that says, "Buy Yourself A Clue Or A Personality -- whichever is 10% cheaper!" and the same goes for everybody that thinks greasing my wheels will ever influence or dictate the who, what, where, when, and how I write here.

And spare me the emails about how you used to love the blog. The blog is the same it's always been.

With pleasure because, as a computer service and repair technician with over 15 years of experiance, we've got a saying that is always accurate: "Over 85% of all computer related problems are directly the fault of the person at the keyboard." The difference between you and me is as least I keep a mirror on my desk so that I can say to my own reflection, "You, sir, are a fuckwit!!" whenever I do something completely stupid despite my exhaustive experiance. Since most blogging takes place at a computer keyboard ... well, do the logic yourself, John. And if you don't have a mirror, no problem -- open a drawer, pull out a CD from its jewel case, flip it over, stare into your reflection and say, "You, sir, are an unmitigated shitheel!" or words to that effect. Any reflective surface and an ounce of humility will suffice ...

You however have become increasingly nasty and shrill.

Find that reflective surface yet?

I choose to spend my time fighting the enemy.

I can see that ... as evidenced by your lame, pathetic attempt to sweep the dissenting masses under the rug via the old and tired technique I call "Musical Threads" before your ultimate Ralph Cramdon "GETOUT!" moment.

You choose to spend your time fighting friends.

Last time I checked, it was I who decides my friends and my enemies, not John Aravosis. As far as I'm concerned, your idea of "friends" is limited to people who agree to agree to kiss your worthless hide and most of them comprise of either other A-List bloggers or people too stupid to realize exactly what they're dealing with -- a "friend of convenience"; one who is almost never around until a want or need arises. Then and only then do you come running to them as a "friend" and, after blowing some smoke up their asses because they're needling you for "being such a stranger", you've got them conveniently distracted so that whatever it is they have that you feel more entitled to can be finessed or filched from them. Once obtained, you cast them off as rubbish until the next time.

In other words, John, you use and exploit people and its going to become alot more apparent between now and November as many more discover that you are just as naked as Bush. Hell, as naked as Adam in the Garden of Eden, for that matter. The only difference is Adam hid his nakedness with a figleaf. You, my "friend", are basically standing out trying to cover your nakedness with an entire orchid while shaking an angry fist at those who crashed your gate -- readers and other bloggers that constitute the very meritocracy you and other A-List blogs love to prattle about (but only when its convenient and serves your purpose).

Meritocracy is a bitch ...

Your response to it is like hearing the squeals of angry pig ...


Bourgeois Pig
You got too big
You forgot where you came from
You big blog* star
You took it too far
You better get humble and then some ...

Bourgeois Pig

* = Appologies to Styx and Billy Bob Thorton for taking obvious liberties ...


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