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Monday, June 19, 2006

Countdown To Nukalur

Recently, I announced that there would probably be some downtime to TBT because I anticipated Charter Communications technicians coming by the weekend to pull the plug here. On top of that, our phone service, provided by Talk America, has recently been shut off. Charter Communications never showed up that weekend but, as you can see with the above picture, Talk America was supposed to disconnect the phone on June 8th.

The pressing issue at hand is my mother's Medicare Perscription Card has not shown up yet. The above is a scan from a letter from Medicare she recieved on May 12th stating that she would be enrolled with Medco as of June 1st. It's June 18th, the card's not here, she's completely out of her pills, and no money. Without that card, she can't get her medicine unless she pays $1 a bottle but that's pointless without money. Even if she had the $5-7 to get her pills, she'll need even more money for gas-o-haul in her vehicle (a mid-90s Ford Aerostar) and price ranges that ammount to $2.65 to $2.72 a jug.

She needs a phone to call Medicare and find out why her drug card hasn't shown up but Talk America disabled the phone service over a "seriously overdue" balance of a whole $72. We still get a dial tone, mind you, but any outgoing phone calls get redirected to their Customer Service Dept. In other words, Talk America has yet to disconnect the phone line the above letter said would be disconnected on June 8th -- 10 days ago!

This is very important ...

Days prior to my "Possible Downtime" post, my nephew used an internet program called Skype to call AT&T and order their phone/DSL package they've been promoting on TV so we can dump Charter's internet service and Talk America. AT&T gave us the new phone number we'd have, said that the DSL modem would be shipped, and technicians would install the DSL line around June 13th -- 5 days ago. In order for AT&T to install this line, the old line has to be totally disconnected by Talk America.

Neither the DSL modem nor AT&T has showed up.

Why is this?

Domestic Economic Terrorism with side order of NSA Freedom Fries ...

Ever since my nephew placed the order with AT&T (over the Charter internet service the NSA is spying on), my mother has been doing a daily ritual of dialing out on the phone so her call would get intercepted and forwarded to Talk America's Customer Service (which the NSA is spying on as well) to demand to know why the phone hasn't been disconnected. After haggling over the $72 each time, Talk America would give her a new day for it to be disconnected. That day passes ... and the phone still has a dial tone because, I suspect, the NSA is using the information gleaned from spying on Americans for the deliberate economical benefit of purposely widening the gap between the "haves" and the "have-nots" by providing information to capitalistic business to do end-runs around each other, simular to Project: Echelon.

Talk America somehow "learned" of our wanting to turn our phone service over to AT&T and thus told AT&T that they're not going to disconnect the line until they get their $72 dollars -- even if it means my mother has to suffer -- even DIE -- of another heart attack or stroke without either her prescription card or her fuckin' medicine -- and AT&T has apparently said, "Okay!" and terminated the order for a new phone line.

In other words, thanks to the NSA, Talk America and AT&T's entitlement to rob, steal, pillage, pilfer, plunder, rape, and gouge in service to Mammon - the Great Balaam of Capitalism -- has TRUMPED my mother's entitlement to that LIFE, LIBERTY, and THE PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS! shit outlined in the U.S. Constitution! Crimony, if such an unmitigated injustice is happening here with my mother -- in a country of 200 Million people -- it's bound to be happening to someone else and their mother, especially if they're living in a county just like Monroe, Michigan with a whopping 5.9% unemployment rate and nothing but banks, gas stations, golf-courses, and Wal-Marts as far as the eye can see!

Like Kurt Vonnegut, I've lost all hope in people in general as I often times find myself sitting here convinced that the people in this country aren't only stuck in the 1980s but is playing Bobby "The Brain" Heenan to my Gorilla Monsoon. It's as if their monitor of America suddenly went fuzzy, blacked out, and they didn't see the yank of the tights, the illegal object, or the ref being distracted, and any other sort of lying, cheating, swindling, and I just want to scream, "OH, WOULD YOU STOP!!"

In the end, it looks like Talk America, AT&T, and $72 is all that's standing between my mother's life or death and, since that's the case, it going to take every fibre of my being and to NOT take the "War On Terrorism" to a whole new level by going on a mass torture spree myself ... and I don't have many fibres of my being left, anymore (and I'm not alone in that regard, either).

But all this trouble Talk America and AT&T is going through seems rather senseless. If these rich capitalist pricks want poor and elderly people to die so much, why not just outright fuckin' kill 'em. Shit, they know the address. Just book a flight, hee-haw on over here, hack her fuckin' noggin off, take a movie of it rolling down the driveway so that the Freepers have some fresh "Social Security Collecting Welfare Bitch" snuff to masterbate their Christian dicks off to, and call it a goddamned day, allready.

Nah, can't have that in Ger-Merica. Much better to have 'em die slowly in our Neo-Concentration Camps and what better concentration camps in America can there be but the alledged "safety" and "privacy" of ones own home under Bush-World -- all Schaivoed in their rocking chairs, concentrating their brain-dead rictus on any of the 4 Cable News Volkisher Beobachters as the overpaid teleprompter readers drill pointless "American Idol" results and rightwing punditry into them so that they're conveniently out of sight and out of mind in upper-middle class America?!?

UPDATE: While I was typing this post, my Mother used the remaining fumes in her tank to call Medicare from my sister's place. Medicare confirmed that she was enrolled with Medco and she should call them to find out why her card never came. She calls Medco ... and they have NO RECORD of her being insured at all and that her card is "Pending". Pending what, exactly?!? Pending CAPITALISM and BUREAUCRACY kills her just like 2,500 soldiers and the City of New Orleans?!?

This is madness and I'm about to go postal ...


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