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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Capitalism & Equality: America's Demonic Pact With Manatu Comes Home To Roost

I've been concerned over the past 6 months of so that esteemed bioethicist Dr. Gerry Lower hasn't written a single article this year that I'm aware of. Wherever you are, Doc, I hope you're hanging in there just as well. In his stead, however, I've discovered a civil libertarian by the name of Jason Miller who writes the following peice at AxisOfLogic:

After years of gains for the poor, women, minorities, and labor throughout the Twentieth Century, a champion arose for America’s White Capitalist Patriarchy in 1980. When Ronald Reagan took the driver’s seat, he wasn’t content to simply return justice and compassion to the back seat. He threw them in the trunk and left them there to rot.

Yeap, that's the Uncle Ronnie I remember, alright.

But wait -- it gets better:

Reagan’s successors, Republican and Democrat alike, have worked feverishly to refortify the Capitalist bulwarks of privatization, property laws, deregulation, cuts in social spending, and free trade agreements.

American Capitalism is a pyramid scheme shaped and forged over time to ensure that a small minority of principally White males garner a majority of the wealth. A few token minorities are allowed to “join the club” while some women enter the upper stratosphere (usually by virtue of their birthright and inheritance), but by and large, the White Patriarchy maintains its strangle-hold on choice properties like Boardwalk and Park Place. A majority of Americans wind up holding Mediterranean and Baltic.

Right on, and he then goes on to paint a bleak picture of military veterans that have me shaking with rage:

Representing a particularly searing indictment of America’s Capitalist constitutional republic are the 500,000 US military veterans who experience homelessness each year. Conscripted or manipulated by propaganda to fight in wars of imperial aggression (like Vietnam), homeless veterans were used by the elites and cast aside like yesterday’s garbage. The Veterans Administration only provides housing for veterans who are chronically ill, has severely neglected the needs of those with mental illness, and cut most Vietnam War Veterans adrift with no job training. Risk your life to expand the American Empire and you get to spend the rest of your days eating out of trash dumpsters.

While our heavily entrenched corporate elites and affluent decision-makers cut their own taxes, reduce spending on social programs, and lavish insane amounts of the working poor’s and middle class’s tax money on a military which exists to protect and expand their pecuniary interests, they offer the weakest members of our society, our homeless people, a quality of life that would repulse a sewer rat.

And with that, I hereby make an announcement -- I, Jason Sizemore, declare that my days of voting are over. I will not set foot into a voting booth until the voting machines are a secure as a one armed bandit in a casino, and probably not even then because I've also had it with voting for basically the same uber-rich capitalist liberal shitbags who justifies blowing tens to hundreds of millions for the privilege of a 6-figure job (and they are indeed the same -- regardless of name, they've got the same suits, dark tans, perly white veneers, and propose the same ridiculous plans that reward the Corporatocracy for outsourcing American labor in the first place such as Free Trade Agreements.)

Furthermore, not only am I done voting but, goddammit, I'm done paying taxes, too. No more. Done deal. Time to starve the machine. The IRS can take a number and stand in line to kiss my ass right behind all the fake Christian Capitalist Republicans, the spineless and complacent Capitalist Democrats, as well as the pretend activist A-List liberal bloggers who only wanted to crash the gate just to replace Hannity, O'Rielly, Coulter, etc. as Kos practically admited to Tool Time Timmy last Sunday on Beat The Press during one of the initial softball questions.

The rightwing pundits over the past 6 years (or more if you really want to get technical) have done nothing more than dumb down the American public by catering to the lowest common denominator via emotionalistic appeals to the popular, the cute, and the clever and that's all I can expect anymore from the Blogebrity pro-capitalist, liberal pundits that'll replace them soon enough. In two years time (4 years, tops), don't be surprized to see Markos, Jerome, Aravosis, and Anna Marie Cox appear on lunch pails and thermoses -- long before Katrina victims get their homes. I shit thee not, my fellow serfs.

Oh, and about my 5 year old daughter whose not even in kindergarten yet but owes $30,000 (or more) in back taxes, allready? She's not paying, either. I'll make damned sure to edjumacate her on in the ins and outs of how that came about and give her good, clean, logical, common sense advice on why she should tell the IRS and the Corportocracy to stick the invoice so far up their sphincter their cerebral cortex will suffer paper cuts.

Had enough?



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