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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bourgeois Pig 4 -- More Shit Between Aravosis's Toes

Gonna go rapid fire here, kiddies:

First off, you know I'm not a big fan of the money-hating-left.

Reading John Aravosis say he's not a fan of the "money hating left" is like hearing Sean Hannity say he's not a fan of the "liberal media" because we all know by now they're willing to push the PAUSE button on their lack of fandom on payday. You know -- pretty fuckin' disengenous, so, what do you suppose happens when Aravosis comes across a "money-hating" lefty that ... *gasp* ... has money?!? Awww, he's is out there with his hands out like a fuckin' hobo, "Please support OrchidBlog 2.0 with a contribution." And after the "money-hating" lefty gives him some money, Aravosis's way of thanking them is to remove the dirty cotton fingerless gloves, the plaid hunting hat with earmuffs, and the tattered Navy peacoat to reveal the luxuriant tuxedo he wore when his picture was taken with Madame Cruella DeVilliage Idiot and say, "Good, I appreciate it ..... now GET THE FUCK OFF MY BLOG!!"

The day I get off his blog is the day he gets off my planet. My only wish is that someone would develope a plug-in for FireFox that kills Blog-Ads from loading up whenever you add a specific A-List blog to its dropdown filter. Not all of the A-List blogs; just the ones whose erm-talent are rapidly becoming too damned full of themselves lately ... such as Kos, Aravosis, and who know whose next for it seems like every month, an A-List liberal blogger discredits and embarasses his or herself before a global audience.

Anyway, a plug-in like that would be kind of cool and, if the fact that money-hating lefties hanging out on John blog doesn't ruffle his leaves, the idea of them not loading his Blog-Ads sure as hell would. Oh, that shit is liable to make him so mad, he'd douse himself with kerosene and light himself on fire on the next installment of his CableAccess-erm, I mean, PoliticsTV!

Second of all, Markos is correct: Don't whine about being ignored, THEN whine about being the object of affection.

Likewise, don't whine about the money-hating left wanting nothing to do with a bourgeois, borderline left, upper-middle class Capitalist pigs such as yourself (because, like the Republican party and their fringe, the Democratic party can't win without them, either) only to turn around and whine even more when you become the subject of the money-hating left's scorn. A-List liberal bloggers who take great insult when the MSM ignores or pokes fun at them has no room to bitch when the A-List liberal blogger turns around and ignores/pokes fun at their own readers.

Third, personally I was a bit Warnered-out by the end of the conference - he did kind of go a bit wild on the publicity. But that's not a money-is-bad issue, that's just a enough-of-Mark-Warner-I-get-it-already issue.

No, sounds more like a They're-Not-Talking-About-John-Aravosis issue ...

Fourth, some people are never happy.

No shit, Sherlock! Apparently, you found that mirror afterall and got a good eyeball or two of one really unhappy motherfucker reflected in it. I mean, Christ, man -- here you are some successful, upper middle class, former Republican stooge to Pat "Bridge To Nowhere" Stevens turned Liberal, Everday Activist, Gay Rights Blogger that collects 4-5 figures in Blog-Ad revenue and who knows how much in contributions and shirt/coffee mug sales, disappears to parts unknown whenever you feel like it, hopes to filch enough spare gasoline money from your readers to launch OrchidBlog 2.0 replete with new commenting software to make banning easier, and hopes to shower your co-bloggers with a salary ......... and yet you completely fall apart over the idea of a "money-hating" lefty reading your blog?!?

One word for ya: Atavan Lots of it.

Fifth, someone is always going to be unhappy, so sometimes you just have to say "whatever."

Exactly, so my question is, since you are obviously very miserable and unhappy to the point where you are becoming one of the biggest threats to Democracy outside of the Republicans and the Bush Administration, is why hasn't the majority of the A-List liberal Blogosphere taken a note of your public destruction and say "whatever" to John Aravosis? What exactly is it that your have to hold as leverage against other A-List liberal Bloggers like a Sword of Damocles over their heads?!? To what degree of arm twisting will you go to ensure other A-List blogs continue to link to your rapidly deteriorating hide?!? Judging by the length either you (or one of your cultists) went to shut down a parody of your blog, I suspect that if any A-List liberal blogger ever did decide to give you a "whatever", your true Republican colors will spring forth as you cravenly attempt to take them down with you.

Sixth, just because someone complains {loudly} doesn't make them right ... {nor} representative of anyone more than themselves.

Exactly, evidenced by your complaints about the Big Girl kerfluffle. Evidenced by your marginalizing of leftist socialists, feminists, and humanists as "money-haters". Evidenced by a shitload of complaints by Kos that haven't stuck the bullseye yet and never will. Evidenced by Armando's horseshit claim of being outed when he was merely the sloppiest fool to grandstand in front of the public since Jeff Gannon.

Let's get something really straight here about your "money-hating" left -- we don't hate money insomuch as the result -- the offshoot -- of money, which is POWER and the reason why we hate power is evidenced by over 40+ years of Capitalism's dominion over the American people which has today produced nothing but a trinity consisting of a compromised Republican party, a compromised Democratic party, and a compromised dumbed down American electorate -- A TRIANGULATION OF ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION.

Why does the richest Republicans and Democrats get to retain their tax cuts while Katrina victims remain homeless? Why does John Aravosis become entitled to shop for orchids while elderly people like my mother (or someone else's mother, father, or grandparent) isn't entitled to shop around for cheap medicine? Why do A-List liberal bloggers continue to use their power to repeat the same loop-de-loop over and over (e.g. Embarrass The Media, Own Republicans, Smack Democrats, Shill Shirts/Books, Cash The Check At End Of Month, Repeat From Top) when the entire edifice of the Republicans' corruption and the Democrats' complacency would crumble within a week -- a month, tops -- if the A-List liberal bloggers decided to instead post, "I can't do this in good conscience anymore so I'm going to surprise everyone by saying NO to power, shutting the blog down for a while, and take my activism to the MSM and the politicians' own front fuckin' porch and I hope you do the same"?!?

It's because that corruption of power as a result of capital (e.g. money) is starting to extend into the Blogosphere - Blog-Ad after Blog-Ad, book sale after book sale, mug after mug, and shirt after shirt and as a result A-List liberal bloggers are just as incapable of saying no to power than the prima-donna teleprompter readers and outsourced employees of the Capitalist Corportocracy in Washington are.

Reminds me of a comic I once saw ...

In any case, I'm glad Markos is done with his book tour.

Yes ... there is a GOD!

Now I don't have to be the only bitch of the blogosphere anymore.

Weeeel, I wouldn't have used the term "bitch", but you are what call yourself.


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