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Monday, June 12, 2006

And Now It's Armando's Turn

Let me see if I've got this straight -- a dKos front page poster and diarist going by the psuedonym of "Armando" achieves notoriety via blogging for roughly a year or two is now ranting and raving that the NRO "outed" him as a corporate lawyer with clients the length of an enitre A-List blogger's blogroll when, in reality, he wasn't really outed because his full identity and career (Armando Lloréns-Sar; a partner of the McConnell Valdés lawfirm) was openly listed on a few other non-blog websites, including a Wikipedia Bio stub written by "Armando" himself -- a stub that he has retroactively had scrubbed in response to the NRO's alleged hit-piece?!?

By George, I think I've got it! I'm also finding it mildly ironic that a week or so after Armando posted a peice at dKos preaching about "The Power Of Words", he demonstrates exactly how powerful words can rattle his own cage when a dissenter "goblue72" started to get all uppity, forcing Armando to shake the ol' Banning Cudgel. Even more ironic than that is how Armando's own "Power Of Words" post completely triangulates the recent John Aravosis "Big Girl" kerfluffle for sexist words can be cause hurt and forment distrust just as equally as racist words.

And, for triple the irony, consider this: although no racist or sexist words (that I'm aware of) appeared in the "non-outing" of Armando, his reaction to it is relatively the same as that of John Aravosis -- an open and sweeping castigation and villification of the very meritocracy that both these two men would otherwise give lipservice to if only it conveniently blew smoke up their respective asses and made excuses or "special cases" for them, complete with a vain attempt to scrub and hide the truth from their very audiences. This same systematic hypocracy and craven disregard for the truth to bask in the sunshine is the same bullshit we've been getting (and expecting, much to our ire) of the Bush Administration.

Sadly, when members of the Left Blogistan's meritocracy don't go away quietly and refuse to make "special cases" of what Jefferson would accurately label as "fools and hypocrites", Gadfly even makes the mother of all cases for their defense:

OK, Armando, so who is this troll? Let's have a name, a particular diary/diary response post or other evidence, and then we can hear from this alleged DKos "troll."

And yes, I use "alleged." Putting a legal angle on it for you the lawyer, until we the reading jury can see all the evidence, it's an "alleged" troll.

And, of course, it is an alleged troll.

Prior to every sanctimonious banning spree on an A-List liberal blog, rest assured that a good portion of the blog's other readers along with the blogger themselves simply attempt to shut down and silence dissent by merely relegating the dissenters as "trolls" all in vain and egotistic mean of elevating their own bourgeois place amongst the status-quo and it happens more to silence liberals and other Democrats more often that ReThuglicans. Nevertheless, it accompanies the mindless notion that if someone refuses to engage in group-think and kiss some serious A-List blogger ass - all the time, every time - they're just simply "trolls" and summarily banned. So much for that "Big Tent" shit, eh?

Bottom Line in all of this is Armando, simular to Jeff Gannon, outed himself. Billmon and Digby are two prominate bloggers who operate under a psuedonym and seem to have no problems whatsoever with being outed, especially the latter for I've read so many blogs that have great difficulty settling on Digby's gender that even I'm confused (Ahah - a hermaphrodite blogger!)

Nevertheless, their respective identities remain under wraps because they cover their asses whilst Armando and Jeff Gannon were caught dragging theirs and they only have themselves to blame. C'mon, people -- everyone should know that The Dummies Guide To Picking A Psuedonym was published long ago and its single page consists of "If it appears on your birth certificate or photo ID, don't use it unless you're a glutton for punishment."

Armando's reaction to his own lunacy is just one more instance in a growing pattern of A-List bloggers completely discrediting themselves before a world audience and having the audacity to blast and castigate the meritocractic audience instead of the mirror. And the more intellectually honest members of that meritocracy have spoken with one voice only to have their voices squelched in a mockery of free speech akin to the abuses of he Bush Administration.

Squelch them all they can, it doesn't change the fact that it's now Armando's turn to reap what he has sown and have a seat in the penalty box. He shouldn't feel at all that bad considering a certain Big Girl has been keeping the seat warm.


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