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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

DLC's Whitman Whining Again

Recently, Left blogistan's DailyKos and Atrios took Sen. Joe Lieberman to task for his hob-knobing with all the racists, biggots, and fake Christians of the National Review (I'm calling them fake Christians because -- let's face it -- they serve Mammon more than they serve God or the American people). When Marshall Whitman of the DLC caught wind of it, he turned on the crocodile tears:

The Moose defends the honor of a great Senator.

The Moose notes that at least two bloggers launched a McCarthyite assault on Senator Joe Lieberman. The attack stems from Joe's attendance at the 50th Anniversary Celebration for the National Review. As way of explanation, Senator Lieberman has a tie with William F. Buckley because he supported him in his first race against incumbent Senator Weicker. It is perfectly understandable, that despite his differences with the magazine and Mr. Buckley, he would attend this function.

However, the bloggers employ the most obscene guilt-by-association tactics by attempting to slander Senator Lieberman because the National Review was once opposed to federal desegregation efforts. What these bloggers do not realize, or else ignored, is that Joe Lieberman bravely stood up for civil rights long before they were born.

The only thing Whitman managed to do with this pity party was put himself on my radar so the rest of this entry on TBT is dedicated to The Moose with my own special patented love:

Mr. Whitman,

I'm afraid that you're going to have to add me to the pile of leftwing bloggers that you say are launching a guilt-by-association McCarthyist assault on Sen. Joe Lieberman and, unlike Steve Gilliard -- whom for some oddball reason showed great restraint in his response -- I won't, however. In fact, I've allready outlined some of the many transgressions of Sen. Joe Lieberman such as how he along with the Clinton and Gore families have been card-carrying members of L. Brent Bozell III's "Parental Television Council" (PTC) and regular FOX NEWS analyst and it's ironic that you of all people would bring up the late Sen. McCarthy up since Mr. Bozell's father was his speechwriter. But it's not as ironic as you, Mr. Whitman, leaving that particular tidbit of truth out of your response, most likely because you don't want the American people to remember it.

Nonetheless, when it comes to McCathyistic tactics, I'm afraid the apples don't fall very from the tree when you consider Bozell's family tree and his PTC organization -- an organization that won a lawsuit by WWE mogul Vincent McMahon and also lambasted the hit drama The Shield on FX Networks. The latter of which is rather interesting considering the PTC's attacks on FX Networks for The Shield stopped when Mr. Bozell "Political Analyst" paychecks (signed by Rupert Murdoch) began to flow into his burgeoning bank accounts.

Anyway, back to Sen. Joe Lieberman, a man whom today is not the same Joe Lieberman of the 1960s. Let's be brutally honest, Mr. Whitman -- if the American tax-payers still had all the billions of dollars Sen. Lieberman (and his buddy Sen. Kohl) spent upon study after study after study on violent video games throughout the 1990s, there would more than enough federal funds to give his constituents and the rest of the American citizenry the quality government-funded healthcare that seems to be always present in the stump speeches of the typical DLC candidate. Sadly, Joe Lieberman and Hilary Clinton today believe that $50 video games bought primarily by 18 to 34 year olds resulting in a $10 billion industry that competes with directly with the Hollywood Flim and Entertainment industry (which I'm sure isn't making their lobbyists happy) are more important than giving the American people what they want. Is a track record like that tantamount to great public service or textbook sanctimonious lipservice? Sure sounds like the latter to me. I think the Joe Lieberman of the 1960s would've have delivered healthcare to the American people long before ranting and raving about Sub-Zero, don't you?!?

Maybe that's why Sen. Lieberman -- and to a greater extent Hillary Clinton, the Gore family, and the elite Democratic party in general -- loath and despise Mortal Kombat: all that spine plucking hits too close to home ... in much the same way as the $1,200-a-weekend man-whoredom of former White House plant Jeff Gannon hit too close to home for the real salaried whores of the corporate, for-profit, Republican-owned and operated, mainstream media to deal with and devote coverage to (but if it was Bill Clinton with his pecker tracks on the blue dress of a government clerk, that's a different can of worms).

Thank you, Mr. Whitman, for amusing me and please do America a favor -- save your crocodile tears for people who actually give a rat's ass about the DLC and start delivering results to the American people instead of whining and throwing a pity party. Neither I, Atrios, Kos, Gilliard, or the American people are going to buy that bullshit. Oh, and the next time you see either Ms. Clinton or Mr. Lieberman, please tell them to stop wasting $100 million on useless studies on video games under that age old "in the interest of the children" rubric in order to filch votes, money, and power for your agenda and instead deliver the healthcare your candidates keep promising. Otherwise, my name might become more familar to you and the rest of the American people in the coming years ... and I'll bring grassroots/netroots hell with me. That's not a threat, sir. Threats are for the insecure and if I'm not insecure about stomping a mudhole into the DLC or the GOP at my blog, then I'm not insecure about doing so on the campaign trail for I think it's best for me to make promises instead.

I like keeping my promises.

Very Sincerely,

Jason Sizemore
C/O TBT: The Brutal Truth
Monroe, Michigan


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