TBT: The Brutal Truth

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Judgement of The Dog

Rita Could Equal $5 A Gallon Gas

Weather and energy experts say that as bad as Hurricane Katrina hit the nation's supply of gasoline, Hurricane Rita could be worse.

Katrina damage was focused on offshore oil platforms and ports. Now the greater risk is to oil-refinery capacity, especially if Rita slams into Houston, Galveston and Port Arthur, Texas.

"We could be looking at gasoline lines and $4 gas, maybe even $5 gas, if this thing does the worst it could do," said energy analyst Peter Beutel of Cameron Hanover. "This storm is in the wrong place. And it's absolutely at the wrong time," said Beutel.

Just like they said Katrina detroyed New Orleans because God hated Mardi Gras and their gay pride rallies, I wonder if we can rely on the Tali-Born Again to claim Galveston was detroyed because God hated the Bush Administration's favoritism of rich Republican Exxon-Mobil CEOs over the poor and "underpriveleged" ...

Naaaaah! That would take a fuckin' miracle ...