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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Something Got Lost In The Translation

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina and reading reports that Bush has handed "Operation: Damage Control" over to Karl Rove and his connections within the MSM, I've come to the conclusion The United States is run by and propped up by a large swath of fuckin' pretenders. Just a bunch of useless bastards who hee-haw around pretending they're something they really aren't while taking the rest of humanity for a ride. This is followed by the net-slueths of left blogostan of which TBT is a part of ... but no longer.


Because I realized that I no longer know what the truth is anymore. I can no longer make heads or tails of what the fuck is going on in this world and Katrina has made me realize that since I started this blog, I'm probably one of the biggest pretenders out there. Let's face it, between the blogs I've got on my blogroll that do an awesome job in exposing the pretenders, the liars, the crooks, and the thieves in their own right, there's no reason for TBT in its current form.


The mere prescense of this rag of mine has been nothing more than a "me too" blog and there's a sea of them out there. Much like most of this country didn't know just how subliminally racist they were being pre-Katrina, I myself didn't know just how pathetically unoriginal and "more par for the left wing Blogistan course" that TBT is in the leftwing blogosphere ... and there's only one bastard responsible for that.


I can't be John Amato. I can't be Kos. I can't be Atrios. I can't be Aravosis. So why the fuck have I been pretending to be like them since January? I didn't know and didn't realize it until Post-Katrina despite that pretending to be like them was never the goddamned intention when I moved TBT to blog format in the first place. In fact, I never even knew who the hell they were as my blog intake was limited to just Billmon -- a guy who is just as cynical as I am (they say misery loves company). Nevertheless, I can't be them because they've got something that is foreign to me and my style -- some sense of restraint.

I spent some quality time staring at the old TBT and reading my last update there just before the War on Terror. As I'm reading, the nostalgia comes over me. That little corner on Fyremoon has some long and pleasant memories for me. In fact, I don't recall ever having a dull moment there. I connected deeply with what I wrote. That piece along with the 8 years worth of previous rants and tangents I uploaded on a weekly basis either at Fyremoon or GeoCities back in the day was raw. Just simply 110% my heart, my blood, and my soul. Not Kos, No Aravosis. Totally my unrestrained self unlike the bullshit that's here ...

But I now beleive that even if it weren't for the Post-Katrina news orgy, I'd be doing nothing more than continuing the self-deception; the "pretending", and the material will just be more shit heaped upon shit. If I'm not connecting with it even though I'm the author of the sonofabitch, then that speaks volumes. That's perspective ... perspective that I've lotst with this blog since around April/May.

But most important of all is when I read DailyKOS, AmericaBlog, Crooks&Liars, and the others, I myself am confronted with the truth, and as Aldous Huxley said "Ye shall know the truth and it shall make you mad" and that's exactly what happens. I sit here and fucking stew, broil, rant, and bitch in my computer chair about what those guys tell me about the world and the country I'm living in instead of giving it to you, the readers, and by the time I'm done reading my "Recommended Daily Blog Allowance", I'm way beyond pissed -- I'm goddamned livid and I try to relieve stress by doing something other than blowing off some steam on here. I want to take my mind off it. I want to turn away. As a result, TBT gets maybe one post a week and the posts are nothing more than my analysis of another blogger's analysis instead of that raw, heartfelt, passionate bitching and snarkery that I myself loved about the old TBT. And by the time I calm down and post an update here, the anger has waned, the mind is much calmer, and the muse is gone.

In the past, anger was motivation enough but for some reason since making the jump to blog format, it wasn't motivation for me to unload and maybe it's because somewhere in my conscience I feared rejection among peers and other bloggers for doing so if they so happen to come by. That is what really got lost in the translation from old-school TBT to this.

Not anymore.

You want me to prove it?

In my last update, I said:

America, your President and his "ownership society" hates poor non-Republican minorities.

I held back when I wrote that. I said that instead of saying what I really wanted to say and I'm going to say it now:


They've hated niggers ever since Lincoln removed their chains and set them free, which lead to the Civil War in the first goddamned place. They've hated niggers since an certain uppity one named Rosa Parks stood up and said, "I'm not movin'!" They've hated niggers ever since some of them got uppity enough to try and excercise their right to vote in 2000, spuring James "Fuck The Jews" Baker into action for the Bush team. They hated niggers again last November for the very same reason but the difference is it only spurred that sorry wife of Tom Noe to enlist a Motley Crue of Freepers in Ohio and go about harrassing voting precincts in the parts of Ohio that were predominately black.

Now, at the risk of getting tarred and feathered by others who may say that I'm playing the race card, I say BULLSHIT because I've said it once back in the day at the old TBT and it's needs to be repeated again: As long as a white, rich, Republican draws oxygen in this country, then the race card is always in play. Ignoring it doesn't the change the fact that it's sitting right there face up on the euchre kitty looking up at you saying, "Wazzap, you whitebread, cracker-ass, graymeat, honky mahfuckah!?!?" That's one thing that didn't get lost in the translation of Post-Katrina America.

As for me, Monday begins a true return to form. That's right, kiddies. The Professional Asshole is back with the old-style TBT in tow. No shark, but plenty of snark. I intend to change the URL address here from "psychosy.blogspot.com" to "tbt" or "sizemore" if it's available on Blogger as well as spiff up the look. Daily updates, too, will be the norm because everyday I'm guaranteed to read something that pisses me off. Also, I hope to get some official TBT merch on deck -- t-shirts, mugs, CDs of unblogged material, and all the fixuns soon after. That all begins Monday so make notes now or your may find this place blank after I've made the jump.


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