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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

GOP To DeLay: "Hello? Mossad Calling!"

*Delay's office door opens*





*knuckles crack*

*DeLay's office door creaks back open and shuts*

John Avarosis had his work cut out for him earlier yesterday as the above three stories came out in rapid succession. At first, John (and the rest of the liberal Blogosphere) figured that one story every other day was just par for the course on the ongoing investigation of ethics violations that DeLay had hoped his usage of "The Schaivo Charade" as political hay would stifle it down some. You know the drill -- another day, another DeLay Defilement!

But, two more popped up soon afterwards, leaving us Liberal bloggers (including yours truly) only two choices as to what really happened here: Either Jesus loves us America-hating liberals or the GOP had administered the political eqivilent to a Mossad assassination, capping three very large, gaping holes to the backside of Tom DeLay's crooked-ass gourd. As much I'd like to say both, most likely it's the latter case for I'm sure this nation has no shortage of Freepers who would devote gigs of bandwidth and harddrive real-estate arguing that God doesn't love us dirty liberal hippies ... because some of us still might smoke pot which is contrary to Dear Leader's "Culture of Life" horseshit (personally, I haven't touched a good-sized hoogar in since 1989, but try telling that shit to them!)

Granted, you might be thinking, "Awww, you need to crush some more tinfoil on your rabbit ears, Sy!" but let's put this in perspective. Frist initially kissed DeLay's "Culture of Life" ass the entire time of the Schaivo mess and went on a "liberal activist judge" attack-spree when she eventually died. DeLay then moved to hold the entire Republican Party hostage if any of them dared to bail on him. Since then, DeLay, Frist, and the other "Schaivo Republicans" were getting tarred and feathered by Democrats as well as roughly 82% of the American public and a recent Gallup Poll says President Bush's approval rating has dropped to 45%, putting him in the history books as the lowest approval level of any president at this point in his second term since World War II.

Then the shit started to hit the fan just a few days ago when Sen. John Cornyn committed treason live on the Senate floor by suggesting that the recent trend of violence against judges is "certainly without justification" since judges aren't held accountable by the public, implying that the judges bring the violence upon themselves. It was these weasel words that earned Cornyn heaping ammounts of scorn as Cornyn was doing nothing more than adroitly inviting domestic terrorism against judges, thus giving aid, confort, and sympathy to far right extremists whom regularly entertain such lunatic ideas (Tim McVeigh, anyone?)

But it was also these weasel words of Cornyn that gave Frist -- who is entertaining a presidential run in 2008 -- great pause. He's now backpedaling on his initial "activist judges" spiel; a complete 180 shift and one that has spurred much weeping and gnashing of teeth over in Freeper-Land. Frist's sudden 180 is in direct defiance to DeLay's holding the GOP hostage for refusing to protect him. With Frist calling DeLay's bluff, some withing the Republican party are standing up and coming clean with even more of DeLay's dirty laundry. Drudge's bombshell regarding DeLay's cashing in on Russians implies that he was hand-delivered this story by Republicans and told to sit on it in case the GOP ever needed to pull a political hit on their own foaming-at-the-mouth Majority Leader, leaving us with only one question: who ordered the hit?

Regardless, Tom DeLay is a done, done, done and much appreciatation is in requisite to John Avarosis at AmericaBlog for putting in the overtime bringing this to us all. By all means, hop on over there and help grease his wheels with a financial contribution to keep his blog going.

In closing, I've discovered in an interesting irony in Tom DeLay's political demise. It is rumored that In the mid 1980s, Freddie Mercury of the rock group Queen was asked if he could explain why Queen was popular all over the world instead of America. Personally, I believe the video to "I Want To Break Free" had the unfortunate result of souring America towards their music since the band was completely decked out in drag. The tongue-in-cheek nature of that music video was completely lost on an American populace driven to homophobic intolerance and ignorance in the 80s thanks to the Moral Majority. Nevertheless, is it rumored that Freddie said in response, "I really don't know and I suppose I'll just have to die in order to gain America back." That's exactly what happened -- Freddie Mercury died of AIDS, Wayne's World immortalized him, and American demand for Queen went thru the roof. Freddie was not only a man ahead of his time but clearly a prophet as well. Don't believe me? Next time you hear "Radio Gaga", think of how Clear Channel has done to radio exactly what Freddie feared would happen. The man's a fuckin' prophet.

What does Freddie Mercury have to do with Tom DeLay?

Consider this:

Here we stand or here we fall
History don't care at all
Make the bed, light the light
Lady Mercy won't be home tonight

You don't waste no time at all
Don't hear the bell but you answer the call
It comes to you as to us all
We're just waiting for the hammer to fall

Oh every night, and every day
A little piece of you is falling away
But lift your face, the Western Way --
Build your muscles as your body decays

Tow the line and play their game
Let the anaesthetic cover it all
Till one day they call your name
You know it's time for the Hammer to Fall

That's what we're doing now.

Just waiting for "The Hammer" to fall.

Atrios said it best -- open microwave and insert popcorn.


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