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Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Wake Up Call

Sometimes, when you say the words "Christian Commentary", people tend to freeze up. Not just non-Christians but Christians, too. The former believe that their godless lifestyle will be trampled upon by the writer while the latter immediately jump into judgement mode, ready to spew hellfire and damnation if the writer's commentary has even the slightest hint of "alternative gospel" that contradicts what the reader was indoctrinated with by the self-appointed leaders of their church (or their parents). Liberal Christians, such as I, usually think that the commentary is just going to be another Pat Robertson-esque rant that's good for a few laughs while secretly wishing (and praying) that we'd find a Christian wordslinger that at least appears to have his or head on straight.

This is going to be one of those times for I present to you
Dr. Gerry Lower, a man whom -- after reading his articles for a number of years -- has got to be the only Christian Commentator that has all his nuts and bolts screwed tightly into his well-educated noggin as opposed to the usual wingnuts (Fallwell, et al). His latest commentary appears courtesy of our good friends at Axis Of Logic and deals with the difference between Thomas Jefferson's God thru the eyes of both liberal and conservative Christians. A real insightful and truthful read as always!


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