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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Off The Deep End ...

Look out, America! Hot on heels of Republican representative Shays saying that we've moved into fascist territory with the passing of the Schaivo Bill, another person from the Right steps forward and gives Jeb Bush the following advice: "Send in the National Guard!" Considering that the majority of Americans are in agreement with previous court rulings regarding the removal of Schaivo's feeding tube as well as in agreement that Washington overstepped their authority in the drafting and passing of the Schaivo Bill believing that it was politically motivated instead of steeped in actual genuine concern for the woman, what lunatic wingnut would dare suggest to Jeb Bush to bring the military in for the rescue?

Why, none other than Blondie Bin Coulter!

Of course, that's not so surprizing is it?

If you honestly think you're capable of reading her "Fattwa" without puking or wanting to tear every strand of blond hair out of her skull (a skull that's filled with donation upon donation of the gunpowder passing for the jism in Sean Hannity's balls), by all means do so. But I'm sure I could boil it down to one simple and honest sentance: "The problem is that these liberals are denying conservatives the right to deny the liberals' rights! Why those fuckin' liberals!! Let's kill them all and convert them to Reconstructionist Christianity!!"

I got a better idea -- let's invoke the National Guard in rescuing America from Ann Coulter's mouth all in the name of national security. She's obviously a Timothy McVeigh waiting to happen. I wouldn't put it past this bitch to immolate a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage church, pull a Nick Berg on one of us liberal bloggers, or suicide bomb a future Democratic National Convention.


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