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Monday, March 28, 2005

Bringing It On!

Axis Of Logic's Beth Moore gets it:

I have been told, many, many times, that my writing and activism will place me at risk. That I will be on a “list,” and that I should consider my children’s welfare, and perhaps back down and keep a lower profile. My answer is this: If the government of my country is that oppressive, and that dangerous to those of us who would exercise our freedom to speak out and to try to change it, then I have no higher responsibility to my children, and to the world, than to oppose it and seek to replace it.

America is on the verge of fascist, theocratic rule from right-wing Christian Fundamentalists. They're itching to bring on their own revolution and have been for some time. They got this far because we -- with our "EverQuest" lives and our toothpick attention spans -- sat on our hands in apparent contentment to just let the corporate, for-profit, Republican owned and operated, mainstream media bullshit us with homogenized propaganda masquerading as news. Just to keep us sedated and lulled. No more. I say if it's a revolution they want, we should oblige. Afterall, one should reap where one sows.


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