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Monday, March 21, 2005

Why Does Tristero Hate America?

Well, it happened. On March 21, 2005 12:44 am, the extremists in charge of the US Government showed the world that when they don't like a law or a legally valid court decision - ANY law, ANY court decision, for ANY reason, no matter how carefully adjudicated - they are prepared to rip it up. There is a word for this.

The word is fascism.

Ulp, Tristero just said the F-Word. And he did so without being in a "Free-Speech Zone". Where's the pitchfork shakin' Purtitan outtrage?!? Better hide from those black helicopters. The Son of A Bush and his Freeper Republican Gaurd are coming to take you away, pal. Bad Citizen!


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Wow, thanks for blogrollin me!

but you might want to take me down...i was just over at Atrios and sort of screwed up. I was trying to make the point that the Democrats are stuck with the "party of death" mantel because we/them went too fast with the social/feminist things like abortion. And because i'm just learning how to write and even type it came out bad. I was sort of talking about the "What's the Matter With Kansas" stuff - way over my head really.

Working class people react to "the liberal aganda" different. That's my only point, what do you think?

And again, i'll understand if you feel like taking me down - i'm a bit too "conspiracy theory" for Democrats anyway.

Thanks, Beth

By Blogger Beth, at 6:40 PM  

But to be on topic about the Fla. women, if we can go by the polls it may be good for the Dems in the long run....70% thought they went too far. Well, that's what the ABC poll said. But it's a good indication that the cable news people knowing their audience - red staters. I watched in awe, disbelief and sadness over how one-sided most of the 24 hours coverage seemed. Facism seemed to be at least creeping.
Getting over my head again.

Thanks for the cool blog and great links.

By Blogger Beth, at 6:48 PM  

Whatever happens at Atrios's (or anyone else's) Haloscan can stay there. I'm not going to blackball someone for what they said elsewhere and nobody tells me what goes on or off my blogroll. :)

Speaking of Haloscan, I'm going to implement it soon because Blogger's commenting system is way too laggy.

By Blogger Sizemore, at 10:23 PM  

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