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Monday, March 21, 2005

The President's Precedent

Taking a good look at other web communities that lean to towards the right like Free Republic and NvNews's Political Forum, we see evidence that the Schaivo Bill has cast a divide between Republicans and Conservatives. Conservatives are leaning in favor of the Bill (mostly likely because of their bent towards Christianity) while Republicans aren't too keen on how the bill has taken states rights right out of the equation. In other words, this travesty of a bill has made a perfect wedge issue within the Republican party and Democrats needs to strike while the iron is still hot.


John Avarosis at
AmericaBlog summarizes:

Robert, a reader over at DailyKos, recently wrote a comment over there regarding Schiavo that is actually quite brilliant (I can't find the link to his post, but will summarize it below).

If the Republicans believe their "culture of life" requires the federal government to intervene and assure adequate medical care any time an American is at risk of bodily harm, then we can assume this "culture of life" applies to other Americans when they too need critical medical care yet something stands in their way.

John goes on to list examples such as poor people, the homeless, the underemployed, and illegal immigrants who can't afford to pay for their medical help. There's also the elderly who don't have enough money to pay for the kind of expensive medical attention they may need later in life not to mention their perscriptions. How about parents of newborns facing catastrophic illnesses or enduring maladies? And the over 40 Million (and rising) Americans who either can't afford health insurance, currently don't have coverage for some reason as well as those who have health insurance that doesn't cover their specific ailments? In short, the "culture of life" phrase in the Schaivo Bill is vague enough to imply that any American who faces any kind of major illness or threat to their health -- either now or in the future -- can rest assured that the Schaivo Bill will save their life, regardless if they can't afford to pay for the adequate treatment they require!

Afterall, this is the Culture of Life we're talking about, right Mr. DeLay?

And doesn't that imply that any American facing any kind of major illness or health threat period - regardless of ability to pay - is now a direct beneficiary of the Schiavo's Bill? The passing of that bill last night argues that money isn't the issue and that federal help is guaranteed for "The Culture of Life" is more important than dollars anyway.

Simply put, if any gutsy Democrat in Washington DC dares to venture out on the thin end of the wedge, he or she could draft a "Culture of Life Act" that'll put Republicans and Conservatives in one hell of a fucking tizzy with each other because the passing of the Schaivo Bill by those grandstanding Republicans last night has not only has saved Terry Schaivo's life but its approval saved all of our lives.

OK, I sense you're lost so let's put it another way:


And George W. Bush signed it at 1:11AM...

If you wanna see these Republican bastards squirm their way out of this one, contact the offices of the Democrats in your state and demand that they saddle up on the wedge because if the Schaivo Bill isn't a "Universal Health Care Bill" by proxy, then the Democrats should call out the Republicans onto the Senate floor and tell us why. Notice I said "senate floor". That implies coverage LIVE on C-SPAN. We're not having this private closed meeting away from those pesky cameras bullshit ...


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