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Monday, March 21, 2005

She's Dead Jim ...

Nope, not Terry Schiavo. Something more sinister has just happened -- the death of Democracy. Thanks to all those hypocrite, "Christian Only On Sunday, Wednesday, Or When It's Politically Convenient" asshole Republicans and - from the other side of the fence - about 45 spineless and degenerate "Republicrats", the late session in DC has resulted in the passing of the "Schiavo Bill" that BusHitler just signed as of 1:11AM. This bill would've been more aptly titled "The Rescuing Of Tom Delay's Ass From The Collective Foot Of America" or "The Diffract Attention From The 2 Year Anniversary Of The Iraq War" because that's exactly what this whole charade was.

The corporate, "for-profit", Republican owned and operated, sensationalist mainstream media has spent this entire Sabbath Day (I know, I know - the Sabbath is technically Saturday but I'm never beneath lobbing cheap digs as long as I have the fuckin' bandwidth) gorging themselves with the plight of Terry Schiavo with the expressed purpose of distracting us from realizing just how badly we're getting fucked by the upper 1%. Keep us from figuring out how Fundamentalist Christianity is turning us into a theocratic "majority rule" Taliban-state.

Now that Dubya has signed and sealed this monstrosity (probably using Rove's official "Jeff Gannon" glue stick), it's on its way thru the heavenly ethers and into the sweaty mits of his brother Jeb so he can add his own dash of cream. Meanwhile, the rest of us are forced to figure out exactly how we're going to manage chizzeling the dried shit-stains off the Constitution these rabid right-wingers used for a roll of Charmin as well as ponder what price those 45 Democratic Party jackoffs that spooged their John Handcock should pay for letting this nightmare happen.

Commenting on this nightmare, AmericaBlog's John Aravosis asks, "But why do you have to be unborn, brain dead or filthy rich for a Republican to want to lift a finger to help you?" I can answer that question easily: it's because all the people outside of those definitions in the eyes of a Republican are nothing more than "mensch", John. We're the "other people" they refer to regarding taxes. We're the second-class citizens that they feel should "know dey playce an' shut dey moufs" or else they'll come and relocate us to their Camp X-Ray plantation. We're the fuckin' peasants to Bush's Queen of England. And as long as so many millions of Americans keep hocking their fucking brains and rolling over for Der Kommisar W each time he or his talk radio bobble-heads instruct them to engage in meaningless activities (e.g. boycotting anything with a French name in it), mensch we are and mensch we'll remain. I've said it many of times and I'll say it again -- nothing scares Republicans worse than timeclocks or getting chased back to their fucking Volvos by a gaggle of inner-city children. What a useless shower of rotten bastards. Their snobbish, elitist, repulsive conduct had gone beyond overboard. In fact, instead of having Dom Pérignon for dinner, I bet all those French/Liberal-hating Bushies now have Dom DeLuise instead and- FUCK! I just mentally pictured Jeff Gannon having Dom DeLuise for dinner!! BAD BAD BAD OL' SY!

Shesus, my mind is a terrible thing to have sometimes.

The question on my mind is where do we go from here now that Democracy is about as fleeting as a good pair of C-cups within John Ashcroft's eye sight? Personally, I think we should seriously consider pulling a Donald Trump on those 45 party-jumping Democrats that helped pass this embarrassment to our forefathers. With great kudos to Smartypants from John's Haloscan, here's the dirty laundry: Baca; Baird; Barrow; Bean; Berry; Bishop (Georgia); Boren; Brady (Pennsylvania); Chandler; Costello; Cramer; Cuellar; Cummings; Davis (Tennesee); Edwards; Engel; Etheridge; Fattah; Ford; Green, Al; Herseth; Higgins; Holden; Jackson (Illinois); Kanjorski; Kildee; Langevin; Lipinski; Lynch; Marshall; Matheson; McIntyre; McNulty; Meek (Florida); Melancon; Michaud; Mollohan; Oberstar; Pomeroy; Ross; Scott (Georgia); Serrano; Skelton; Snyder; Stupak; Tanner; and Wynn.

There's only one word to describe these Democrats: Scheißekopfs!!!

I just remembered - we can't pull a Donald Trump on these goons, anyway.

Diebold machines "deliver" the eviction notices ...


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