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Sunday, March 20, 2005

See Whose Pulling The Strings ...

This past week saw attempts by democratic senators to amend this egregious [bankruptcy] law ... [and] ... All three amendments were defeated ... sound fair to you? Well, not in George W. Bush’s America ... Not even victims of identity theft would be exempt from these new laws. Here, though, is what makes this week’s actions take shape as being pure Bush: Congress refused to close loopholes in this law designed to protect millionaires. Did you get that America? Your Congress is passing a law to hold you accountable for debt, but in the same law have set up “asset protection trusts” for the filthy rich. Another amendment was introduced this week that would have reduced these trusts to $125,000 or less and you guessed it, it was defeated. This is what led NY Senator Chuck Schumer to regret, “now we have a bill that says a family won't be protected if it has $50,000, but it will if it has $5 million." THAT, is life under George W. Bush


Jose Padilla is a microcosm of the Bush policies that assault our civil liberties and are close to propelling us into a near police state. In the run-up to the election, Bush created “Free-Speech Zones” which were nothing more than cages for people who dared to protest. Apparently, Bush was unaware that before his administration, this entire country was a “free-speech zone.”

Anthony Wade
You Want Lies With That?
March 10, 2005


Covered in sinners and dripping with guilt
Making your money from slime and from filth
Parading your bellies in your ivory towers
Investing our lives in your schemes and your powers


The serpent is crawling inside of your ear
He says you must vote for what you want to hear
Don't matter what's wrong as long as you're allright
So pull yourself stupid and rob yourself blind.

Iron Maiden
"Be Quick Or Be Dead"


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