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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Silence Is Not Golden

Gannon Gate is still rolling out there on the blogopshere but it's now getting alot of attention in print media via editorials. Alas, some papers in the land are relegating it to their "Style/Entertainment" sections, which is a damned crock. Nonetheless, Jeff Gannon is simply reamed and for good reason. The latest commentaries come courtesy of WorldNetDaily (of all places).

Let's start with Bill Press:

If you suspect the media are guilty of a double standard when it comes to covering the White House, you're right. It's now clear, without a doubt, that White House reporters are as easy on President Bush as they were hard on President Clinton. Consider the case of phony White House reporter Jeff Gannon. You probably never heard of Gannon. No wonder. The mainstream media have largely ignored him – even though his story is as big a sex scandal, if not bigger, than anything that happened under Clinton.

And we'll finish with Joeseph Farah - WND's Founder:

You might remember the two-year fight WorldNetDaily waged to become credentialed by the Senate Press Gallery. Meanwhile, an activist organization – pretending to be a journalistic one and ensnared in personal scandal – pranced into the White House and secured access to the president of the United States. It raises serious security questions. It raises questions of propriety. It raises questions of judgment. And it raises questions about the role of a free press in a free society.

Fox News Channel's "News Watch" program is about to air a segment on Gannon as we speak. The segment just finished and my score is both Jane Hall and Neil Gabler hit the nail right on the head while Jim Pinkerton tried to diffract attention from Gannon to another reporter whom has been nailing Bush with hardball questions for 4 years without any hub-bub but forced to concede to Gabler who brought up that fact that nobody knows if "the other reporter" had a hard press pass or a daily pass. Cal Thomas said very little but was rather fair in what he did say. Overall, not a bad segment from the "Republican News Network" ...

Lastly, Bill Berkowitz asks the same damned question I've been asking myself for the past few days: Where's the outrage from the Christian Right? Seriously, where's Jerry Falwell? Pat Robertson? The Catholic Church? The Southern Baptists?!?

Their silence is speaking volumes ...


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